More dates sold out for the 'Disney After Hours Boo Bash' ticketed event at Walt Disney World

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Posted: Wednesday July 7, 2021 11:24am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The 2021 'Disney After Hours Boo Bash' ticketed event at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom has now sold out 11 nights following a recent update to make more tickets available.

Tickets went on general sale mid-June following a week of limited sales to resort guests. In less than 24 hours of general sales, seven more nights were sold out in addition to the previously sold out Halloween night. Then in late June, Disney increased the capacity at the event to make more tickets available.

Sold out dates so far include August 10, 17; September 14; October 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 26, 29, 31 2021.

Tickets for the three-hour Halloween event went on general sale as of June 15 and can be purchased online or by calling 407-939-4240. Tickets start at $129 – $139, plus tax for August/September nights and $159 – $169, plus tax for October nights, and $199, plus tax for Halloween. Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members can take advantage of a $10 discount for event nights in August and September.

Learn more about Disney After Hours Boo Bash.

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mattpeto2 hours ago

I booked Boo Bash for Sunday, Labor Day weekend because I wanted to see HEA one last time. It also gives me some relief that the party will have less people outside the viewing of HEA. I’d be coming as a family of 5, and my daughters are not old enough to vaccinate. It’s just a quick 3 day trip and I talked myself into a park ticket for our arrival day (Epcot or DHS). But if delta/covid numbers continue to rise, all options are on the table including cancellation. Also if fireworks go away, I 100% won’t be coming. I do think Disney will work with us, and it’s also not hard to get a refund for the one day ticket. Boo Bash and flights might be tougher, so I did get insurance.

dreday33 hours ago

Sorry, I should have been more clear. I will edit!

MisterPenguin3 hours ago

That's from 2019 in case people think it's this years.

dreday33 hours ago

Oh, I just watched this and got sad. The announcement that used to signal the start of the Not So Scary Halloween Party - which isn't happening this year. I wonder if they will have still have an announcement like this for Boo Bash?

dreday33 hours ago

I know I've read people were able to apply the ticket value to another party - I thought someone said they were told they could also apply to a future ticket purchase, but don't quote me. Seems like outside of a full refund, they work with you. Okay, actually I just read someone got their Boo Bash tickets refunded completely. Apparently they are working with people due to Covid.

Tony the Tigger3 hours ago

Thanks. No need for a discount place, the FL res tix are $150 for 2 days, $185 for 3. (So that skews the value of the first night a bit, but I don't think I care.)

flynnibus3 hours ago

The 'replace a ticket day' strategy is solid and in your case I think the scenario all plays out well. I wouldn't worry about getting stuck with non-refundable... if the shit hits the fan Disney isn't going to abandon you and say SOL. Buy your 2 or 3 day ticket from a discount place, and do the party on arrival like you mentioned. Sounds like a plan!

Tony the Tigger4 hours ago

Re: Boo Bash: Full disclosure: I have never been to any of the nighttime Halloween or Christmas events. I know this one is different than years past; and I've heard stories from past years where sometimes it was packed and sometimes it was wonderfully, er, dead. Having read the description, I have little to no interest in any of the holiday-themed stuff (meet & greets, cavalcades, whatever.) But some of our favorite times at WDW have been at MK at night when it's not very busy. That can still happen once in awhile, but not very often and you can't count on it. Since I'm in the unusual position of not having and not being able to buy an AP, and going for 4 nights from 8/27 to 8/31, I'm looking at it this way: if a day pass is $100+ and this event is $139 for 7pm to 12:30 (long enough for us and probably as long as we'd stay during the day) and we have spare Chase Disney points to play with, we'd be very happy with just a less crowded park. Let everyone else do the meet & greets and the trick-or-treats, and we'll mostly walk on (I hope) the attractions and just generally enjoy the emptier park. Knowing we can't predict (?) some nights will be packed and some won't, the 27th isn't sold out yet. That's our arrival day. It means we can leave the pup at Best Friends Pet Care later than usual. So maybe we do a late lunch/early dinner, hit the event at 7PM (or maybe it's 7:30 if the event goes 9:30-12:30 that night?) and we'll make up for a little bit of that extra $40 each in popcorn and drinks. We may then get the Florida 2-day discounted passes for Sunday and Monday, skip the parks on Saturday (crowded - enjoy the resort and a nice meal) and go home on Tuesday. The hesitation: right now, if we wanted to cancel because things seem unsafe, we could get a refund on our room. The 2-day park tickets can be purchased at the last minute (I should double-check that, but I think so.) These tix may or may not be able to be put towards something else. And of course, if I wait too long, it might sell out. If the attractions are not busy, it could be a fun kickoff to my bday weekend trip!

DznyGrlSD5 hours ago

they put the pumpkin wreaths out last year

Hawg G6 hours ago

Let's just hope they put up more than the ONE Mickey pumpkin decoration they used about 500 times last year.

Hawg G6 hours ago

Christmas in Houston: Crank up the A/C. That sucks. Sweating like crazy Halloween night was no fun either. Don't miss it at all.

Animaniac93-987 hours ago

Last year they had a Halloween variation of the Main Street and entrance loops that included some spookier tracks, but they only did that because there were no parties and they did some Halloween stuff during regular hours. I expect the regular loops during normal hours for August-October this year.

dreday37 hours ago

I don't recall special music during the Halloween season unless at the actual party. But I agree and honestly, a silly reason I admit, but one of the reasons I don't want to go during Christmas season - I don't want to hear Christmas music at the parks/hotels!

Animaniac93-987 hours ago

Wild guess, but I could see these replacing the Mickey pumpkins they usually put on the lampposts.