Disney100 Celebration at Walt Disney World to feature monthly spotlights at all four theme parks

Mar 28, 2023 in "Disney 100 Years of Wonder"

Posted: Tuesday March 28, 2023 5:50pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

With Walt Disney World's 50th-anniversary celebration coming to a close, attention is now shifting to the east coast Disney100 celebration.

In April, Walt Disney World Resort will begin honoring the Company milestone with monthly spotlights on some Disney favorite franchises like Pixar, Mickey & Friends, and Disney Princesses.

Guests will see these stories and Characters in existing experiences such as Character caravans, parades, photo opportunities, merchandise, attractions, experiences, and more. In addition, the Disney Resort Hotels will offer movies under the stars and poolside parties with themed activities for more ways to celebrate these stories.

Here is a look at Disney100 at Walt Disney World month-by-month

  • April: Disney's conservation efforts and the 25th Anniversary of Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park will be the focus.
  • May: All things from a galaxy far, far away will be featured with an emphasis on Star Wars.
  • June: The delightful Pixar Characters will take fun to infinity and beyond.
  • July: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and friends will provide "swell fun" for all.
  • August: The Disney Princesses and beloved Frozen Characters take the throne.
  • September: Super Hero adventures take flight!

Later this year, the Disney100 Celebration comes to EPCOT with the culmination of the EPCOT transformation, including:

  • A platinum Mickey Mouse sculpture will welcome you to celebrate at EPCOT
  • Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana, opening in late 2023, will allow Guests to explore an outdoor trail in a lush environment that tells the story of the cycle of water.
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse will dress in their celebratory platinum outfits.
  • At the new World Celebration Garden, also slated to open in late 2023, Dreamers Point will showcase an evocative statue of Walt Disney, offering another perfect opportunity for photographs.
  • A brand-new nighttime spectacular, scheduled to launch in late 2023, will light the sky over the World Showcase Lagoon.

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brb1006Apr 30, 2023

Heck a parade for Wish would been perfect to run during the evening hours.

brb1006Apr 30, 2023

Sure would been the perfect opportunity to have a parade for "Wish" at DHS. I miss when DHS used to create parades for newly releases movies.

brb1006Apr 30, 2023

I stil have fond memories of seeing the Stars and Motor Cars Parade back in 2006.

brb1006Apr 30, 2023

The last DHS had a parade was the Frozen Summer Fun Event between 2014 till 2015.

BocabearApr 28, 2023

After the disastrous 50th Anniversary flop, it is hard to be even slightly excited about the 100th Anniversary. Feels like they just phone it all in from the marketing department with no heart in it. Kinda sad when you look at the other anniversaries and how they were celebrated.

TTA94Apr 27, 2023

Maybe 2024 could be a year for new parades?

TrainsOfDisneyApr 27, 2023

They could have done wondrous journeys at DHS if they weren’t gonna do it at MK. And of course it’s POSSIBLE to do parades at all Disney parks, they are just choosing not to.

gerararApr 27, 2023

Disney Movie Magic and Wonderful World of Animation show back-to-back usually right before the second Fantasmic! of the night. Many sit down for the shows, so it's a nice breather for guests. I will note that they recently plussed WWoA with additional (low) pyro, perhaps from some leftover from DE and Harmonious maybe?

doctornickApr 27, 2023

Realistically, DHS would be better served by a daytime parade anyway. There's actually already decent entertainment options there at night between F! and the hub show (I think just Wonderful World of Animation these days, right?). But a daytime parade would help to shore up the offerings in that park. Would love to see them bring back sometime like the Pixar parade at some point.

SquishyApr 27, 2023

TTA94Apr 27, 2023

To small for the PTN floats lol. JK. I personally would not like a nighttime parade at DHS and I hope DHS is not in consideration. I just don’t care for DHSs parade route.

SquishyApr 27, 2023

From recent photos only the movable stage floats are stored there & there has been a wall put up in the middle of the building so I dont see how any decently sized parade can be stored unless they demo the wall or build another storage building.

wdwmagicApr 27, 2023

Deliberately ;)

TTA94Apr 27, 2023

Well there goes my secret hope of a 100th parade or cavalcade for Epcot Lol. Guess it really will be just the new Epcot nighttime show and SSE display for the 100th.