Hyundai teams up with Walt Disney Imagineering for special IONIQ 5 Disney100 Platinum electric car

Oct 20, 2023 in "Disney 100 Years of Wonder"

Posted: Friday October 20, 2023 8:54am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

To mark Disney's centenary celebrations, Hyundai Motor America has pulled the wraps off its exclusive IONIQ 5 Disney100 Platinum Concept car at the New York Auto Show.

This unique collaboration between Hyundai vehicle designers and Walt Disney Imagineering has resulted in a car adorned with special Disney-inspired accents, lighting effects, and iconic Disney music.

Angela Zepeda, chief marketing officer at Hyundai Motor America, said, "This collaboration with Disney, granting access to their iconic characters for a vehicle design, is a first for both companies. The IONIQ 5, being our premier all-electric vehicle, stands as a perfect canvas for this endeavor. We believe this limited edition will enchant every Disney aficionado out there."

Disney Features of the IONIQ 5 Disney100 Platinum Concept include:

  • Gravity Gold Matte exterior hue.
  • Unique Disney-inspired wheel designs.
  • Special Disney100 Platinum Edition badging.
  • Disney100 logos prominently featured on seat headrests, center console, and floormats.
  • Lamp screens that project Disney sparkle animations across headlights and taillights.
  • Moon roof with pixie dust details.
  • Disney-themed intro on the interior screen which plays iconic Disney music and displays the Disney100 logo, enhanced with pixie dust.
  • Interior lights that sync to a light show.

Note that Hyundai says that the features mentioned are specific to the show car. The production model's features may differ.

Details about the limited production vehicle concept revealed at the NY Auto show, including pricing, are anticipated later this year.

Hyundai's partnership with Disney began with a 60-second advertisement at the 95th Academy Awards, merging Hyundai moments with iconic Disney film scenes from the past century. This partnership has seen numerous collaborations, including a multi-series campaign in 2022 and an augmented reality initiative with National Geographic in 2021.

For more details on the Hyundai IONIQ 5 Disney100 Platinum Concept and the broader collaboration with Disney, visit

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JoeCamelMar 27, 2024

If it doesn't have a D+ icon on the console I'm calling it a bust. Bring back the SantaFe they have sick kids paint with their handprints every year.

J4546Mar 23, 2024

it takes like 15 minutes to charge a new electric car. and yes batteries are expensive....but so are engines and all other car parts. There are plenty of 10+ year old teslas on the road with original battery and battery prices are only gonna go down, just like all technology. also alot of people dont have car more than 10-15 years anymore unless they are classics. You dont see any 2002 chevy cavaliers or mitsubishi eclipses on the streets (where I live anyways) because most cars get junked by the time they are 20 years/200k miles old. If I can get 10 years and 100k miles out of a car then im good.

LilofanMar 23, 2024

A number of residents live in apt complexes ( ie not enough charging stations etc ) and not my cup of tea to waste my day charging an EV somewhere in town or out of town. Tesla owners better keep a rainy day fund when it is time to replace the battery - $15K.

J4546Mar 23, 2024

Electric cars are the future and hopefully one day ill have one too but I still love ICE. But we can see how fast electric cars are already and battery tech will only get better in the coming years...its gonna be a cool next decade for automobiles thats for sure.

SirwalterraleighMar 23, 2024

So a Hyundai…with a Disney surcharge? …ummmm…was Volvo busy?

mktMar 23, 2024

mktMar 23, 2024

You say that, yet 2023 was the highest year of EV sales on record in the US, with continuous growth in the segment... all while new-car sales overall are down.

Goofnut1980Oct 23, 2023

Aren't they a little late in the celebration? In 2 months it will not be the 100 years anymore. It will be the 101 Dalmatian Edition.

LilofanOct 23, 2023

I love rowing through the gears on my manual naturally aspirated 6 cylinder. Save the manuals!

John park hopperOct 23, 2023

I grew up with muscle cars and to me there is nothing like the sound of a big block ICE Will always love my 56 Chevy hot rod with a 327 CI gas burner. Guess that's why I love going to the drag races

SirwalterraleighOct 23, 2023

The electric motors pack more of a whallop then ICE I have a hybrid with 1-2…and when the second kicks in (in the back for the awd)…it feels like chewie threw the lever…or more accurately when R2 saves them.

LilofanOct 23, 2023

When I rented from Avis at MCO I got the cheapest rate which was a mystery car. I got a Hyundai electric SUV. It was a weird feeling driving it but when you floor the gas pedal, look out, it takes off like a rocket and my back was slammed back into my drivers seat.

Jambo DadOct 23, 2023

Good comments - electric cars are here and will be better and cheaper. Agree with comments about next generation nuclear. Also need grid to have more redundancy (which means storage within the grid and expanding solar at a rooftop level). As for the Hyundai - there is no intent to build more of these - it’s a one-off marketing concept. I also agree that I wish they would partner with a U.S. company. Between the factories in Mexico, international ownership of Stellantis and GM’s EV expertise mostly coming from Chinese companies, Tesla is the most American company out there. I think it’s now time for them to spend a little money on marketing.

Brooklin Disney DadOct 21, 2023

I’ll stick to my Disney antenna foam balls. That’s as close to a Disney themed car as I can afford.