PHOTOS - New Haagen Dazs and Wetzel's Pretzels kiosks now in place at Downtown Disney

May 06, 2014 in "Wetzel's Pretzels West Side"

Posted: Tuesday May 6, 2014 10:27am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new Wetzel's Pretzels and Haagen Dazs kiosks are now in place on the West Side at Downtown Disney.

Although not yet open, the kiosks are now up behind the construction walls next to Disney Quest, looking very close to being ready for service. The original Wetzel's Pretzel's and Haagen Dazs location was closed in late 2013 to be replaced with a new Starbucks. Click the gallery for more photos.

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wdwmagicMay 19, 2014

PHOTOS - Wetzel's Pretzels and Haagen Dazs kiosks now open on the West Side

Mickey_777May 06, 2014

It makes me wonder if these kiosks can be "lifted" and rebuilt somewhere else in DS should the location prove unpopular. Either that or place some big neon signs pointing around the corner...because once things get back to normal I suspect marketplace is still to be the most popular starting point for DS

CDavidMay 06, 2014

I wondered about that too. Depending on how people enter from the parking garage, these locations are potentially going to be hidden around the corner of DisneyQuest.

Mickey_777May 06, 2014

I'm not loving this location facing Cirque. It's going to be pretty much hidden from anyone coming from marketplace. If everybody wasn't being forced to park on west side it probably wouldn't get a lot of traffic.

CJRMay 06, 2014

I'm curious if they will add some tables nearby so people can sit down and enjoy their treats. Although some people will take them and eat while they walk; some of us are lazy and want to sit down. I'm hopeful that WP will have their whole menu still. The Marketplace location does not, so the kiosk thing scared me, when it was first announced. This makes me a little more confident that we will have more menu choices, just like before.

NiarrNDisneyMay 06, 2014

True I just wish they would have made the kiosks a little taller

BoltMay 06, 2014

Agreed - the old location was TERRIBLE flow and had no room a line. I think it looked weirder empty, honestly. You walked in to the West Side to nothing until you hit the main street.

NiarrNDisneyMay 06, 2014

Am I the only person that think the look a little odd or kind of out of place there? There's just something about their height compared to the huge side of Disney Quest.

71jasonMay 06, 2014

Thought the same thing when the walls went up. If it's smaller than the original location, it's not by much, and I imagine a better design for crowd control.

Pumbas NakasakMay 06, 2014


DznyGrlSDMay 06, 2014

Yum! I love Wetzel-bits!

BoltMay 06, 2014

Bigger than I thought.