Wetzel's Pretzels and Haagen-Dazs reopening in The Landing at Disney Springs

May 11, 2016 in "Wetzel's Pretzels West Side"

Wetzel's Pretzels and Haagen-Dazs construction in The Landing
Posted: Wednesday May 11, 2016 12:02pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Wetzel's Pretzels and Haagen-Dazs are relocating to a new spot in The Landing at Disney Springs.

The two snack kiosks have been on the move a couple of times since Downtwon Disney became Disney Springs. They were both originally near the entrance to the West Side, in what is now Starbucks. Shortly after Starbucks opened, they both moved to kiosks at the side of Disney Quest facing Cirque du Soleil.

They can both now be found near to Planet Hollywood, close to what was previously the Pleasure Island bridge to the West Side.

Wetzel's Pretzels and Haagen-Dazs in their new locations are expected to open May 15 2016.

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GatorboyMay 16, 2016

both were open

djkidkazMay 16, 2016

Yes they did. Does anyone know what is going in their old locations or are they removing those two smaller buildings near Cirque?

bogdigMay 16, 2016

Did they both open today?

Mouse DetectiveMay 13, 2016

They've been closed for a few weeks now so technically they've already moved.

MagicHappens1971May 11, 2016

Those are the kiosks this post is referring to. They will be moving

mm121May 11, 2016

what happens to the one on the west side by cirque du soleil? closing or staying open?

MagicHappens1971May 11, 2016

Ok :) thank you!

wdwmagicMay 11, 2016

As far as I know that is unchanged.

MagicHappens1971May 11, 2016

Will the other Wetzels Pretzels in the marketplace be moving? Or will it be staying?