A closer look at the updated Victoria and Albert's at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

Jul 26, 2022 in "Victoria and Albert's"

Victoria and Albert's overview - 2022
Posted: Tuesday July 26, 2022 3:10pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Just ahead of its grand reopening on July 28, Disney has released some more images and details for Victoria & Albert's – the culinary crown jewel of Walt Disney World Resort.

Known for its lavish setting, Victoria & Albert’s will reopen with fully reimagined interiors inspired by Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Celebration. The redesigned space welcomes guests with a classic, yet contemporary touch. Soft shades of ivory, taupe and light blue are offset by accents of silver, gold and pewter. Shimmering crystal chandeliers, delicate scroll work, fanciful murals and delicate wall coverings with subtle inspirations of an English garden have transformed the space giving it a spectacular modern look.

Showcasing contemporary American cuisine, the culinary team sources the finest ingredients from around the globe to craft each exquisite course.

With an ever-evolving menu, guests can indulge in dishes such as Glacier 51 Toothfish with charred mushroom and sambal, and Danish Hiramasa with carrot and Okinawan potatoes.

Plant-based diners will delight in Heirloom Tomatoes with gazpacho and 100-year balsamico, and Carrot Tikka Masala with cilantro and puri bread. Those who enjoy the finest of beef can experience the Wagyu A-5 Miyazaki with potato rösti and romesco. Dessert lovers will revel in the Spectrum of Chocolate, an ombré delight featuring specialty sourced chocolates with accents of vanilla, Champagne, and Grand Marnier.

Victoria & Albert’s offers three unique dining options:

The Dining Room presents a resplendent tasting menu, which can be tailored to suit guests’ dietary restrictions. An exquisite plant-based menu is also available. Each bite balances seasonal flavors and elevated craftsmanship.

For a more intimate evening, the private Queen Victoria’s Room offers an expanded prix-fixe tasting menu specially created by the Chef de Cuisine. Set behind frosted-glass doors, this richly appointed room features a glowing fireplace, delicate embroidery, lace details and artwork showcasing European royalty.

For those who want to interact with the chefs and watch as their dishes are expertly prepared, The Chef’s Table is a coveted experience offering a front-row seat in the heart of the kitchen. Throughout the experience, chefs offer guests superb morsels from the tasting menu. The Chef’s Table can accommodate up to six guests, with only one reservation available each night.

Victoria & Albert’s boasts a world-class wine collection featuring more than 500 selections from 35 regions. Staff sommeliers have thoughtfully curated this rare collection with extraordinary choices that date back as far as the early 1900s. In addition to traditional cocktails, a lavish zero-proof cocktail pairing has been expertly developed to complement each course. Innovative cocktail selections include the Guajillo Spice, a striking presentation smoked tableside to showcase the deep flavors of roasted guajillo chilis, charred jalapenos and black peppercorn. The drink is rounded out with a touch of rich caramelized sweetness from turbinado sugar and fresh lime.

The talented culinary team is led by Chef de Cuisine Matthew Sowers. Since 2006, Sowers has worked at Disney theme parks and resorts honing his expertise with more than 15 years spent at Victoria & Albert’s. He also curated menus for the acclaimed Remy restaurant aboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy cruise ships.

With more than 30 years of experience, Pastry Chef Kristine Farmer was part of the opening team at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. She currently leads the pastry team responsible for the resort’s three signature restaurants, the Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, pastry kitchen and production of the giant, life-size gingerbread house that becomes a centerpiece of the resort lobby during the winter holidays.

Executive Chef Kevin Chong oversees culinary operations at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. It is no small feat, but this chef and his team uphold the reputation that was long ago established for the resort’s incomparable eateries.

Sommelier Israel Perez serves as Victoria & Albert’s dedicated maître d’hotel where he and his award-winning team pay special attention to every detail of the dining experience. For more than 20 years, Perez has created memorable experiences for guests at signature restaurants across Walt Disney World Resort.

And no overview of Victoria & Albert’s would be complete without recognizing the legacy of Culinary Director Chef Scott Hunnel. The James Beard Award-nominee helmed the Victoria & Albert’s kitchen for many years and still provides direction and mentorship to chefs across multiple Disney resort hotels.

Details and Dress Code

Victoria & Albert’s is an intimate upscale dining experience. Guests are expected to dress accordingly in semi-formal/formal attire that respects the restaurant’s elegant aesthetic. Guests ages 10 and up are welcome. For pricing and other details, or to make dining reservations up to 60 days in advance, guests can visit the Victoria & Albert’s page on DisneyWorld.com or call 407-939-3862. Space is extremely limited; advance reservations are required.

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RoadiJeffAug 11, 2022

Thanks for that assessment of the Chef's Table. I've only eaten in the main dining room but at $800+ for a dinner for two I think I'll stick with the ambiance it offers rather than the smells and sounds of the kitchen.

OurayAug 09, 2022

The one time I dined at V&A's was at the Chef's Table. The food was quite good. It was a good dining month, as I had V&A's and Le Bernardin within two weeks of each other. While I'd say it's hard to compare the two as they're stylistically so different, when I asked myself the question, "Which was fundamentally more delicious?", I had to give V&A's the edge. Perhaps the service wasn't quite as polished, and the wine choices not as unique, but it won the all around. Back to the Chef's Table; while unique, it's kind of loud and smells kitchen-y. Understand that a large restaurant kitchen doesn't smell like your kitchen at home when you're making boeuf bourguignon. A restaurant kitchen is in constant churn, so not only do you smell the food being prepared, but you also smell the dish machines, the sanitizing sinks, the garbage being taken out, etc. Just something to consider. I will return to V&A's, but I'll take the dining room.

TheGuyThatMakesSwordsAug 07, 2022

Yup, "back".... the WDW way. Grateful for our past trips. No more.

LuvtheGoofAug 07, 2022

We were hoping to grab the Chef’s Table for our anniversary in March. We’ve done it before and loved it. Guess we’ll have to eat with the rabble in the Queen Victoria room.

Hockey89Aug 06, 2022

Def for the guests and not extra rev stream

DCBakerAug 05, 2022

Apparently the minimum number of guests for the Chef's Table has increased to 4 - "Victoria & Albert’s recently reopened, and now if you want to book the Chef’s Table, you’ll need to have at least 4 people in your party — you can no longer book the Chef’s Table for parties of less than four. That means if you were hoping to have a date night at the Chef’s Table, you’re going to have to make it a double date!" https://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2022/08/05/an-exclusive-dining-experience-has-changed-in-disney-world/

My95cobrasAug 02, 2022

Ahhhhh, ok. I misunderstood.

LuvtheGoofAug 01, 2022

Yes, additions have always been there. In the past, some of the courses had multiple options for different dishes. They no longer do that, but still offer additions.

My95cobrasAug 01, 2022

we went a month before the pandemic and you could add caviar service, turbot and a5 wagyu for a supplement In the queens room and chefs table

MinthorneJul 31, 2022

No matter what you eat, it all ends the same in the end 😉

LuvtheGoofJul 30, 2022

They haven’t had choices in years. ETA: If you tell them that you don't eat certain foods, they do customize it for you.

TCarboneJul 30, 2022

I didn't see it on the "What's Changed" list, but in the past for each course you could select from 2 or 3 dishes.... customizing the experience. From a photo of the menu I saw elsewhere, selections are no longer offered. The menu is fixed (not just in price). Can anyone confirm?

DCBakerJul 29, 2022

Reopening night review from Touring Plans - https://touringplans.com/blog/victoria-alberts-reopening-2022/

LuvtheGoofJul 29, 2022

You'll love the Chef's Table! We were able to get it for our anniversary a few years ago, and it was awesome. Being able to chat with the chefs while they were preparing the meal was just the best. And Chef Amy explained in detail all that went into each dish that we were served. We'll be trying for the Chef's Table for our next anniversary, and we are hoping for luck, as it falls on day 8 of our trip. We were in the Queen Victoria's room for our last anniversary prior to COVID, and it was great as well. We've done the main dining room as well a few times, and have no issues with that either.