More buffets and restaurants returning to Walt Disney World including Crystal Palace and Biergarten

Aug 20, 2021 in "The Crystal Palace"

Posted: Friday August 20, 2021 1:38pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced more restaurants to reopen at Walt Disney World, along with the return of more buffets.

Here is a quick rundown of what's opening.

Breakfast is back at Cinderella's Royal Table at Magic Kingdom starting Aug. 27. Reservations are available beginning Aug. 24.

Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery at Disney's Animal Kingdom reopens Aug. 29. New entrées include Spiced Potato Hand Pies, Marinated Chicken Flatbread Sandwiches, and Red Chili Hot Dogs.

Dockside Diner at Disney's Hollywood Studios opens Aug. 22. New menu items include Shrimp Salad Roll, Chipotle Chicken Salad Roll, Smoked Fish Dip, Seaside Brownie and a Blue Sea Margarita

Nine Dragons Restaurant in the China pavilion at EPCOT is now open for dinner (Tuesday-Saturday).

Moving to buffets, starting Sept. 12, The Crystal Palace will return to a buffet format for lunch and dinner. Family-style dining will be available at The Crystal Palace through Sept. 11.


Finally, beginning Aug. 29, Biergarten Restaurant in the German pavilion at EPCOT will offer a buffet experience for lunch and dinner.

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NunuSep 06, 2021

Just made a Sept 14th Crystal Palace lunch reservation. I'm looking forward to going back, and hoping for a good experience.

noquacksSep 06, 2021

(From another USC Trojan!), yes, I fully agree! I am a big fan of the Biergareden, but recently with their table service the food/selection has been very disappointing. Awful. Dried up small schnitzel, no sliced pork , no baked salmon with special sauce, just plenty of weiner meat. Desserts also limited. Will check it out soon, so see if they have returned to their former glory.

CaptainAmericaSep 02, 2021

Has anyone been to Garden Grill recently to tell me what the experience is like?

TrojanUSCAug 25, 2021

Biergarten was infinitely better as family style.

ShookieJonesAug 24, 2021

It’s really too bad. I mentioned this in a trip report, but it deserves repeating, CP was one of the best (if not THE best) meal of our last trip. Strange that a change made during Covid was actually a plus!

Figments FriendAug 24, 2021

This has been on my mind since hearing about Crystal Palace going back to being a buffet. I booked a reservation on Oct 1st for lunch based on the appealing 'southern style' menu options. I love catfish and fixin's. It's a place I have wanted to experience for years, but didn't care for the Pooh & Friends character meal options and the associated price tag. This time around however, this was my chance to enjoy a meal here without the expense and enjoy some unique options. So slightly disappointed in the news, but admit I am still interested to hear more about what the actual buffet selections will be. I will keep my reservation on that coveted day ( no other dining options ). Still glad I will be able to experience the space without Pooh n' Pals. -

Jambo DadAug 23, 2021

We are there in three weeks - I have added two Boma dinners and one breakfast. That will make up for our trip this past spring. First trip in a decade and a half without boma. Buffets do not have an increased risk. Patrons are masked, there is a sneeze shield, and some items like the corn chowder are now in little bowls.

ArtemiconAug 23, 2021

Currently at Boma, guests are serving themselves after sanitizing their hands. Guests are also required to wear a mask as well at the buffet line. I've been going to local buffets since early this year and there are no mass outbreaks in my area, so I feel pretty comfortable at them personally. I'm happy they're returning and I would urge people if they don't feel comfortable, to just stay home and not demonize people who feel comfortable enough to enjoy the buffets again. I'm very excited to visit Crystal Palace again, and Boma's Dinner menu looks very good from the reviews I've watched in the past day or so.

Brooklin Disney DadAug 22, 2021

Do the CM chefs serve and pass the plates along the inside of the buffet as you pick your food choices , or are people still touching the spoons and breathing over the food as they load a plate?

fotofxAug 21, 2021

That is the best part.. Wont be as busy.. Should be ADR's available.

JohnDAug 20, 2021

Just released Chef Mickey's but now have Whispering Canyon lunch for 12:15pm.

JohnDAug 20, 2021

I just grabbed a 12:15 lunch at Whispering Canyon Cafe. I can see myself taking a short break away from MK even on 10/1 in the middle of the day and come back refreshed in the afternoon. (I'm actually staying off-site but I could veg out in the WL lobby before returning to MK). Then give up Chef Mickey's to someone else who really wants while staying in MK the rest of the evening.

HouCuseChickieAug 20, 2021

I didn't even think about the date, but yeah...I could imagine just taking whatever you could get. I think on 10/1, I'd probably be content with some quick service and be ready for fireworks. Oh well, you'll decide what's best for you and your trip.