Buffets are back at Walt Disney World and Boma is as good as ever

Aug 20, 2021 in "Boma - Flavors of Africa"

Boma reopening August 20 2021
Posted: Friday August 20, 2021 11:11am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge welcomed guests back to Boma today as the first Walt Disney World restaurant to return to buffet service since the COVID shutdown.

The great news is that Boma is serving breakfast and dinner in full self-service buffet style, and not family-style plated offerings that we have seen at other former buffets. Watch the video below for a quick look at Boma from this morning.

The setup is almost identical to the original, with a few minor adjustments that we think actually make things better than before.

At the omelet station, instead of placing an order and waiting for it to be cooked, the omelet chef is constantly producing three different varieties and placing them on the buffet for a grab and go. They are still fresh out of the pan, but without the queue and the wait.

Parfaits and fruit salads also get a similar treatment, with those items set up in dishes ready to pick up and go.

The ham carving station is back as before, as the vast majority of the other items on the hot and cold menu.

Since reopening, one of the only notable omissions is the Pog or Jungle Juice that both Boma and 'Ohana served for many years. Apparently, the product is no longer produced by Coca-Cola, so the standard beverage choice now is orange juice and coffee.

The restaurant is currently operating at around 50% capacity on its first day, with plenty of spacing between seated groups. Guests are wearing masks when moving from the table to the buffet, and all servers are masked.

Hand sanitizer stations are available around the buffet stations.

It is excellent to see Boma return in its original format and delivering great food and service. The Cast Members throughout the restaurant were excited to be back and providing a great experience.

Boma has always been a highly rated location for breakfast and dinner, and it seems fitting that it is the first buffet to return. And talking about dinner, our breakfast server today told us that dinner is also resuming essentially unchanged from before, with just a few modifications with some pre-plated items for grab and go.

Other former buffets are expected to revert to buffets from their reopening family-style soon. We understand the next buffet is likely to be Crystal Palace in September.

Click the gallery to see more pictures of breakfast at Boma.

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Lilofan8 hours ago

I've eaten at Boma. We've wrapped some desserts off of the buffet and put in in one's pocketbook.

CaptainAmerica8 hours ago

The criminal.

jaklgreen9 hours ago

Restaurants know that people do this and build it into their pricing. It is not an issue unless you are getting ridiculous. Like, you can't bring in a bag full of Tupperware and load up on a full meal. But as someone who has worked in food for decades, most places really don't care if you take a banana or two.

mlayton1442 days ago

While we are on the subject of Bananas , Disney charges $2.50 for a banana or so I’ve heard - who is the bigger criminal - someone that stuffs 3 bananas in their bag after paying for a $30 plate of eggs , or Disney for charging $2.50 for a banana?

mkt20 days ago

"But the police officer didn't pull me over when I was clearly in excess of the speed limit"

Imhere20 days ago

The standard refrain here, though, would be, "But, my server didn't yell at me for filling my bag with food for later."

JohnD21 days ago

You might get away with taking several bananas or other fruit. Bananas, especially, are easy travel fruit for later. Taking muffins would be overkill.

mkt21 days ago

Of course. It's to comply with the French law that when exiting any establishment with a kitchen, you must have a fresh baguette to put in your bicycle's basket.

moles.family.disney21 days ago

Glad I checked. In Disneyland Paris I see people doing it all the time.

RememberWhen21 days ago

I’d suggest not doing that. But, you do you.

mkt21 days ago

Extremely frowned upon and not allowed.

CaptainAmerica21 days ago

Yeah I usually only steal pens and other small trinkets when I go to the gift shops.

RememberWhen21 days ago

While this is true, I don’t see any particular harm in throwing one apple or banana in your bag, especially at a character meal where the kids are often distracted and not eating as much as they might otherwise. “Stocking up” would definitely be frowned upon.

CaptainAmerica21 days ago

Yes. You pay for what you're going to eat that that meal inside that restaurant.