'The Cake Bake Shop' issues an update on its opening at Walt Disney World

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Posted: Monday September 11, 2023 9:27am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

'The Cake Bake Shop' has issued an update on its Facebook page with a revised timeline for its opening at Disney's Boardwalk in Walt Disney World.


As we previously reported, construction has been moving at a leisurely pace, and it was clear that the new restaurant and bakery would not meet its planned 2023 opening.

The latest timeline from 'The Cake Bake Shop' is an early 2024 opening.

Here is the full update

All of us at The Cake Bake Shop are eager to unveil the beautiful details and charm that are coming to Disney's BoardWalk! As the excitement is building and our hearts are brimming with anticipation, we expect to open our doors early next year to welcome you to an unforgettable dining experience. Stay connected with us for more details leading up to our opening.

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MisterPenguin4 hours ago

We know Imagineering was responsible for the renovation of BWI's pool area from scary clown vomiting sliders to Mickey and friends and their "kiesters."

Jrb19796 hours ago

If true, why are they taking theming out of every hotel and making them more generic?

peter114358 hours ago

Imagineering or DDC before 1996 oversaw their design and construction. But most of the actual architecture, engineering, and interior/exterior design was handled by outside vendors and design firms. Imagineering is still involved in a similar capacity.

bpiper8 hours ago

Wasn't Imagineering overseeing them at design time? I believe Disney Legend Wing Chao was deeply involved in these hotels. Is Imagineering still involved during refurbs?

peter114358 hours ago

That’s how most of the resorts came to be. Including Boardwalk originally.

Bocabear8 hours ago

Maybe they are paying "plenty" to third party vendors who are outsourcing the design work.....

bpiper8 hours ago

Then where is the money going? It sure isn't being used to purchase one of a kind items that give the Hotel it's theme. Has the cost of the items in the Hotel decorating catalogs that Marriott uses gone up that much? Maybe its time to up the budget then....

TrainsOfDisney1 day ago

See! They are even cutting flowers from the carpet!!!!!

MagicHappens19711 day ago

The Boardwalk is really loosing a lot of its charm. It’s very disappointing, I can’t believe this is what it’s come to.

lazyboy97o1 day ago

Disney pays plenty for their projects.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

Aries19751 day ago

Thank you for providing the photos. I agree. It is simply not practical.

bpiper1 day ago

So you're saying that they thoroughly inspected the meeting room

peter114351 day ago

I can assure you that a huge amount of budget is wasted (used) on copious amounts of onsite inspections and meetings.