Tangierine Cafe reopening at EPCOT as part of Food and Wine Festival

Jun 09, 2021 in "Tangierine Cafe"

Tangierine Cafe refurbishment - June 8 2021
Posted: Wednesday June 9, 2021 8:11am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Morocco Pavilion'sTangierine Cafe will be reopening this summer as part of the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival.

Beginning July 15, Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina will serve traditional Moroccan cuisine, like grilled kebabs and a falafel pita. This year's festival will see a handful of locations offering indoor Global Marketplace kiosks, including at the American Adventure and the Canada pavilion. With the event beginning in July, Disney appears to be conscious of afternoon storms impacting operations of outdoor kiosks and is looking to offer indoor venues where possible.

The quick service restaurant is currently under refurbishment with concrete work taking place in-front of the main entrance.

At the side of the building alongside the World Showcase promenade, signage is covered.

The original Tangierine Cafe closed in October 2020 as the pavilion's third party operator struggled in the wake of the COVID shutdown. Disney has since taken over operations of the Morocco Pavilion and is making a series of improvements.

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LittleBuford6 hours ago

“Arabian” in the context of opening song refers to the Arab world in general, not to the Arabian peninsula. Architecturally, Agrabah has very little to do with the Arabian peninsula; its buildings are a hodgepodge, though most of what you see when Aladdin and Jasmine set off on their carpet ride resembles the monuments of Mamluk Egypt. There are indeed pronounced cultural differences between the various Arab countries and regions. Even the forms of Arabic they speak are in many cases mutually unintelligible.

Jason McBrien20 days ago

I'm not sure it was discussed elsewhere in this thread, but culturally Morocco is a bit different than middle-eastern countries. It's a bit more blended, with European and western Africa influences. Agrabah was supposed to be set in the Arabian peninsula, which is different, if not culturally, then definitely in regards to architecture. It might be nitpicking, but it would be like putting a statue of The Little Mermaid in the Norway pavilion. Denmark and Norway are both Scandinavian countries, but they different enough that it would be weird putting a cultural reference from one country in the pavilion of another.

larryzAug 12, 2021

I'm not familiar with that ride...

larryzAug 12, 2021

Depends on how big (and hungry) those animals are...

RSoxNo1Aug 12, 2021

Trixie looks the part a bit more.

nickysAug 11, 2021

Great idea, but it has to be called Rex’s Dino Spin for me. Rex deserves some love. Or use the various characters from Toy Story as the ride vehicles.

RSoxNo1Aug 11, 2021

Before they do that, I'd like to see them relocate TriceraTop Spin to Toy Story Land, give it a new paint job / new molds for the dinos, call it Trixie's TriceraTop Spin and open up all of Dinorama for new development.

Magicart87Aug 11, 2021

That makes too much sense. So it ain't gonna happen.

RSoxNo1Aug 10, 2021

I don't know if this was fanboi dreams or something grounded in reality, but I read a concept for a DisneySky resort in Tokyo that would have Pandora and Galaxy's Edge as anchors. I'm guessing the hope was that Pandora could be built elsewhere.

RobbiemAug 10, 2021

I’m surprised Pandora hasn’t been built at one or more overseas parks. It would be a good fit in Shanghai (with star wars in hong Kong) and in Paris where I’d love to see a mermaid lagoon style inside land

PondererAug 05, 2021

Certainly Joe Rohde was a prime driver on it, but there‘s no way that James Cameron - noted hyper-perfectionist - didn’t push for as much immersion and detail as he could get. And he was gonna get it whether Joe Rohde was there or not, because for whatever Western ideas we have about the success or influence of Avatar, its financial and cultural impact was *massive* in much of Asia and, to a lesser extent, South America. It was playing in South Korea theaters for years. They renamed a mountain range in China for it and the Chinese government shut down screenings because they were worried it was taking on a religious fervor. Pandora was going to be a major, major international draw. And that’s really why we have it. I’m only surprised they haven’t replicated the land in Shanghai.

BocabearAug 05, 2021

Rohde managed to make it work, but Pandora still feels very unfinished...It is lacking another attraction or possibly an overhaul to the boat ride to make it more engaging. I would not call Pandora a slam dunk as a whole. It needs more... As does Galaxy's Edge...Good start but lacking warmth , joy and humor. The Universal parks were so much more successful with their interpretations of Harry Potter's world...

TikibirdLandAug 05, 2021

Without the Harry Potter franchise, Universal would be in a world of hurt. Say what you will about JK, her books and movies are one of the best loved franchises in the last couple of decades. And, the team at Universal has done a great job of bringing the movies to life. I'm very impressed by what they've done. It blows Pandora out of the water -- and still does.

UNCgolfAug 04, 2021

Universal has a long history of replacing older rides with something new. I'd rather have Earthquake and the original Kong ride than what's there now too. Normally I'd think E.T. and Revenge of the Mummy didn't have long left (unfortunately, since they're the two best rides in that park), but they may get a reprieve since Universal is building a whole new park.