Sunshine Seasons discontinuing breakfast from this weekend

Jul 29, 2016 in "Sunshine Seasons"

Posted: Friday July 29, 2016 2:21pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot's Sunshine Seasons will be discontinuing breakfast from Sunday July 31 2016.

Located in The Land Pavilion, the quick service restaurant has recently revamped its breakfast lineup, serving a breakfast platter, panini, French toast pudding and Bircher Muesli.

Sunshine Seasons new operating hours will be 11am to 9pm.

Restaurants frequently modify their operating hours, and we may well see breakfast return on a seasonal basis in the future.

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AMartin767Jul 31, 2016

Hands down the best place in EPCOT to get breakfast and one of the few. So stupid. Oh well, guess we'll just eat bfast off property at our hotel in the morning before hitting the park.

Simba's MomJul 30, 2016

At least as far as the French Bakery is concerned, they moved the rope from the bridge to right next to Chef's de France. I don't know how busy the bakery is now, but when I ate there (almost every day of my trip) in January, it was very quiet in the morning. Great choice for breakfast! I recently hear that Sunshine Seasons is opening at 11:00, starting on August 1st.

NausicaäJul 30, 2016

Haha. No worries. I used to work at SBUX, so I get it. Breakfast items are popular, though. They are pre made sandwiches we would heat up in the microwave. :hungover:

DisneyPrincess5Jul 30, 2016

Wow that stinks. DH and I have a tradition of eating breakfast here and it's usually very quiet and peaceful. Love the balloons and always have since childhood. Guess we'll have to try lunch or dinner now.

MinnieM123Jul 30, 2016

Let's just add this to the ongoing "list" . . . ;) This particular cut surprises me on a few levels, primarily, because of the popularity of Soarin'. That attraction brings in crowds of people. I'm sure that many enjoy breakfast first in Sunshine Seasons, and then go to their Fastpass time for Soarin'. Then, of course, are the many other park guests who just want a QS breakfast, in a lovely pavilion with air conditioning. I'm baffled by this cut. o_O It just seems like a "win" for foodservice operations to keep this popular option. Sigh . . .

King Racoon 77Jul 30, 2016

#blameshanghai #epcotbreakfastsmatter

marni1971Jul 30, 2016

Brilliant. More cost cutting. What happened to service?

jessfriendsJul 30, 2016

This was my favorite counter service breakfast as it was different than other places. I hope it reopens again at some point. They don't have many breakfast options at the parks but I guess they want you to eat at the resorts as most people either do table service at the parks, ride at the parks early in the morning or just skip breakfast all together. I don't want Starbucks as I get that at home. They do have some different things though but the sandwiches are not that great. I like trying different and special things while on vacation so this will be missed. They cut pizzafari's breakfast and that was different too. At least Mexico and Norway are open early and have breakfast offerings.

bethymouseJul 30, 2016

Norway is open at 9am now with the Frozen ride. Perhaps that's why La Cantina de San Angel sells a limited breakfast menu now. I guess everything else quick service wise doesn't open until 11 am.

bethymouseJul 30, 2016

You're right... La Cantina de San Angel serves breakfast. They have a bread roll with scrambled eggs, cheese, chorizo, onions, lettuce, and guacamole that sounds good for $9.95. They have 2 other scrambled egg and fried egg items and 1 children's menu item ($5.99).;)

Club34Jul 30, 2016

my apologies if you thought i was taking it out on you. it was not my intention. i was taking it out on starbucks truckstop food offerings. :]

NausicaäJul 30, 2016

It is weird that they are closing SS, but it's not necessary to take it out on me. I was just pointing out alternatives.

Club34Jul 29, 2016

so is eating dirt. sorry, starbucks "food" is disgusting imo. disappointed that sunshine seasons breakfast is going.

NausicaäJul 29, 2016

Doesn't Starbucks serve breakfast sandwiches? Obviously, that's not going to fill the demand alone, but it is an option.