Disney Springs' Sweetest New Spot: The Cookie Bar at Summer House on the Lake

Dec 14, 2023 in "Summer House on the Lake"

The Cookie Bar at Summer House on the Lake
Posted: Thursday December 14, 2023 3:44pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Springs has firmly established its place as the destination for incredible cookies with the opening of The Cookie Bar at Summer House on the Lake.


Like the hugely popular Gideons Bakehouse in The Landing, The Cookie Bar will likely attract its own fan club once word gets about this hidden gem.

Located inside the new Summer House on the Lake restaurant, The Cookie Bar has its own entrance at the front of the building on the West Side, and you do not need to eat at the restaurant to visit.

Stepping inside, guests see an expansive display case offering more than 15 cookies and bars, priced from $4.95 to $5.45. Each of the cookies is around 5 inches in diameter, and are all freshly baked onsite. There are also allergy friendly options including gluten free.

You can also grab a cocktail, rose, cold brew, mocktails, and coffee.

The Cookie Bar menu items are also available inside the restaurant, where you can enjoy them warm and topped with ice cream.

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MarvelCharacterNerdDec 16, 2023

As a diehard Gideon's fan, these do nothing to interest me nor tempt me away. But if they cut some of the Gideon's line down, cool.

Prince-1Dec 15, 2023

Gideon's cookies are just ok. Cool theming but definitely not worth the wait. These look much better!!

UNCgolfDec 15, 2023

Those look much, much better than Gideon's cookies. The Gideon's cookies look awful to me because they have way too many chocolate chips*. I want a cookie, not a chocolate bar. *this also applies to most, if not all, of their other cookies; just sub in other various things for the chocolate chips

HakunamatataDec 14, 2023

Agree. The Gideons cookies come across as no bake/low bake. I prefer a chewy cookie but with a slight crunch on the edges. The Gideons lemon poppyseed cake though is the bomb its just its very seasonal and not every year.

networkproDec 14, 2023

If you really want a half pound cookie, go to the East Market location its open 10am-7pm and you can pre-order the day before.

HakunamatataDec 14, 2023

Love me some apple raisin oatmeal. Will def be giving that a try.

Back!Elbow!Shoulders!Dec 14, 2023

Very nice. As much as I would like to try Gideon’s I think this is a better cookie match for my family’s patience and cookie preferences.

wdwmagicDec 14, 2023

Yes same at Springs, the entire cookie bar is even on the dessert menu

MichWolvDec 14, 2023

Lettuce Entertain You (the company behind Summer House) has put these kind of sweets counters in at several of their restaurants around Chicago (and I'm sure other cities). I've tried a few of their offerings and they are very good, and probably with a shorter line than Gideon's. At least in Chicago, if you are eating at the restaurant and the dessert menu isn't to your liking, you can order anything from the cookie bar instead.