Opening date set for STK Orlando and reservations now available

May 09, 2016 in "STK Orlando"

STK Orlando concept art
Posted: Monday May 9, 2016 3:09pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

STK Orlando will open on May 25 2016 in The Landing at Disney Springs.

Reservations are also available from that date via the STK Orlando website.

The 14,000 sq ft STK Orlando will have two dining floor - including a main level and the only rooftop dining venue in Disney Springs.

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Next Big ThingMay 26, 2016

STK is in an odd position, sort of like Morimoto as it's technically in The Landing, but it faces out to Town Center, too. I think the building exterior will match The Edison, so in the end it should come together much better. Right now, I don't care too much about exterior, the third floor patio is where it's at ;)

halltdMay 26, 2016

Yeah the exterior is horrible...arguably the worst in all of Springs (especially being a brand new ground up design). The interior is great, but there's no on all the other buildings so far.

bhg469May 26, 2016

Who can I see about chipping my tooth on my screen because of the picture of that Ribeye? Thank whoever wrote the review for ordering a proper steak and NOT a filet!! Now I am craving steak, big time!!

BrenthodgeMay 26, 2016

No - I mean its a poor example of brand extension with a disconnect between the exterior and the interior - just what I said.

JohnWDMay 26, 2016

You mean its unique? Not a STK cookie cutter?

BrenthodgeMay 26, 2016

Don't get the connection between the exterior and the interior at all - Its much more urban on the interior and should have a more "urban" warehouse-type exterior or something that tells the complete story. The exterior as it is now looks like a nice suburban home with a wide porch. I totally get the repurposed idea, but this seems site built for something totally different on the outside. Also upstairs and down can be more "elegant" and "Casual" but they come off as two different places appealing to two different price points. Like the interior and the food, just don't feel it gels into a complete concept in line with their other locations.

Jon81ukMay 26, 2016

I do wonder if Paddlefish and Boathouse will compete too much on the fish side and then Boathouse and STK are competing for the steak market. Hopefully they are different enough from each other...

dstrawn9889May 26, 2016

well, since 90% of them are NOT owned by Disney... my guess would be yes

19FW72May 26, 2016

With over 40 dining and snack locations will there be enough people to support them all?

PhotoDave219May 26, 2016

Are there any details on where they source their beef from? Is it dry-aged?

wdwmagicMay 26, 2016

Yep there is back of house onto ground floor

SlowjackMay 26, 2016

Not an important question, but when you refer to this as a three-story building, does that mean the kitchen is on the basement floor?

Jon81ukMay 26, 2016

If STK is accepting the dining plan (as a signature) its possibly not the best use of the plan as it would only get you the meat, you need to add sides and sauces at extra cost. Whereas at Cali Grill and similar the entree includes a vegetable/potato on the plate so less of a need to purchase extra sides. But then I guess you could look at it that for $10-20 on sides you are getting a much better quality of steak compared to a Disney owned signature.

cindy_kMay 26, 2016

It looks like in this picture they are temporarily using plants for that separation: