STK Orlando now offers brunch, including The Ultimate Brunch For Two

Apr 03, 2017 in "STK Orlando"

Posted: Monday April 3, 2017 2:06pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

STK Orlando in The Landing at Disney Springs is now offering a new weekend brunch service.

Taking place on Saturday and Sunday, brunch is available from 11:30am to 3:30pm.

Like the restaurant's dinner service, brunch is an upscale affair. Headlining the menu is the $275 Ultimate Brunch for Two, which features a Dry Aged Tomahawk Steak, Butter-poached 2 lb. Lobster, King Crab Scrambled Eggs, rounded off with a Bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

Other menus items include a $19 Beef Short Rib & Egg Sandwich, a $25 Crab Cake Benedict, Fried Chicken & Funnel Cake at $25 and Old School eggs, thick-cut bacon, fingerling potato home fries for $16.

Full STK Orlando brunch menu. Make reservations online.

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RustySporkApr 11, 2017

On the bright side, it's only $100/lb for fresh A5 Tenderloin roast at Costco.

JimWApr 11, 2017

Honestly, if you think that the "only option" is the best, priciest beef in the world, I feel bad for you. I assume that you hold this standard to everything in your life. That's a recipe for a truly sad existence. Obviously you don't hold the same standard for your grammar as your do for your beef. Perhaps you need to get some A5 English lessons, as that is the only option.

jaklgreenApr 10, 2017

Yes, Thank you. There are great steak houses out there that serve high quality steaks with a side. That is what I was saying but others were so adamant to the point of extreme nastiness, that there is no way that could be true. My original point was that there are plenty of places at/near WDW that serve a great steak with sides that I can see why STK is not doing so well. It is all about what people think is a good value for what they get.

drwadadliApr 10, 2017

Sorry about the mix up and I TOTALLY agree wiht you

RustySporkApr 10, 2017

njDizFanApr 10, 2017

I was always under the impression that high end steakhouse are always a la carte, that is just their thing. Morton's and the like...and having been to quite a few that has always been my experience. Well out of boredom I just went to the Guyot site and put in the 10 best steakhouses in the country. And yes all but 2 were ala carte but there are a few that are not. St. Elmo's in Indianapolis for example gives you "Includes navy bean soup or tomato juice & choice of baked potato, fresh-cut fries, redskin mashed potatoes or sauteed green beans." So I guess there are some out there. But the vast majority this is the expected norm, pay for your meat then add on your sides.

drwadadliApr 10, 2017

I tried but nothing comes up

OtterheadApr 10, 2017

Nobody is saying that. Nobody. They're saying that there are two different kinds of restaurants we're talking about here. There's steakhouses -- often excellent ones -- which serve very good cuts of beef that nearly always come with a potato, salad, side dish, etc. Those are the ones you're talking about. I've had terrific dinners at these places. Then there's what are known as "high end" steakhouses, which serve things like dry-aged cuts of beef, wagyu/kobe beef, and grass-fed locally sourced beef. These places nearly always serve a steak by itself as the centerpiece of a meal, usually with a popover or some kind of bread, and offer things like a wedge salad, creamed spinach, etc as a la carte sides made for sharing. They cater to a 'fine dining' (often, business) crowd, typically charge $50-$70 for a steak, and are a completely separate category from the sorts of places you're talking about. Now, if what you're saying is "yes, I know what a high end steakhouse is, but they need to give me a baked potato for free or I'll be mad!" then, well, I dunno what to tell you, but you're likely better off grilling your own steak at home.

RustySporkApr 10, 2017

Click to expand.

drwadadliApr 10, 2017

REALLYY???? You have gotten to be joking. They are overpriced chain restaurant from the '80's that have all lost their edge and not kept up with the times....similar TGIF, Ruby Tuesday, Applebees, Chili's

drwadadliApr 10, 2017

At Morton's and Ruth's Chris (which are roughly the same caliber), the Yellow Label goes for $105

drwadadliApr 10, 2017

Outback is NOT high-end but rather an overpriced basic steakhouse

jaklgreenApr 10, 2017

I think that was unnecessary and nasty. Just because you refuse to except the possibility that there are all types of restaurants out there and not just what you have seen, does not mean that I am wrong. The whole "high end" steakhouse that serves sides separate is a concept. Does not mean that they are the only ones that serve a great steak. I don't understand why people like you, that instead of having a valid counter point, have to just make a rude comment. That's fine for all of you who want to go around believing that the ONLY place to get a great steak is your high end, sides sold separate concept. More fool you.

RustySporkApr 10, 2017

The Rusty Spork steakhouse always includes sides with our aged prime cuts. :joyfull: