New temporary Starbucks at Epcot to be named Traveler's Café and will open soon

Dec 20, 2019 in "Starbucks Traveler's Café"

Starbucks Traveler's Café construction December 16
Posted: Friday December 20, 2019 8:06am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new temporary Starbucks at Epcot will be named Traveler's Café.

Located along the Rose Walk near to the Refreshment Port, the new Starbucks was planned to open before Christmas. It appears to be slightly delayed, with an opening date still to be announced.

The temporary Starbucks replaces the now demolished Fountain View.

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jaklgreenDec 25, 2019

I don't think that they electric umbrella is going anywhere. They might add on to it, but I have not seen anything that says where they plan on putting things yet.


Is it safe to say that Starbucks is going where the electric umbrella is?

Walt dDec 24, 2019

star buck, you mean kara trace! Wright ??


Im more worried about the Jofferys in Future World East

gerararDec 24, 2019

It's open now: And now the line, lol:

Next Big ThingDec 24, 2019

The new restrooms have the same design as WS Plaza.

lazyboy97oDec 22, 2019

It is going to exist for more than 90 days which is the limit for temporary structures per the EPCOT Building Code.

Andrew CDec 22, 2019

well. They can’t put up a tent. It still needs to be a structure. I guess they could have used a food truck. lol.

RSoxNo1Dec 22, 2019

I guess this is technically part of Showcase Plaza and not Future World?

Cosmic CommandoDec 21, 2019

“Temporary” in Disneyspeak means 20 years.

Maccabee18Dec 21, 2019

I don’t understand, if this is a temporary location why does it look like they are building a permanent building? What will it be used for after.

aladdin2007Dec 20, 2019

this,,, and yet they give it a sorta fitting Epcot name in hopes no one complains,,,,yet its just a typical starbucks store (temporary or not) plopped down in the middle of what use to be a themed park.

JayKZDec 20, 2019

Aw, shucks. My money was on "Refreshment Port View Café"

ThatMouseDec 20, 2019

Typical Starbucks industrial store design. I bet you a million bucks the EPCOT imagineers were trying to get an architect to design something that fits Future World and those plans got scrapped for time.