Construction walls up around the former Starbucks in EPCOT's World Showcase

Jun 06, 2023 in "Starbucks Traveler's Café"

Construction walls around former Starbucks Traveler's Café
Posted: Tuesday June 6, 2023 10:51am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction walls are now up around parts of the former Starbucks Traveler's Café near the Canada pavilion at the entrance to World Showcase.

Starbucks Traveler's Café closed at the end of April 17, 2022, alongside the opening of the massive Starbucks location inside Connections Cafe in World Celebration.

The building has sat empty for the last year, but now there are signs that something may be happening in the area. Disney is yet to make any announcement of plans for the space.

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CoffeeroastersJul 17, 2023

Ooooo a nice new place to get lousy coffee!

jmuboyJul 16, 2023

100 percent this is going to be home of one of the non “country themed “ festival booths

MagicHappens1971Jul 15, 2023

MORE FESTIVAL BOOTHS!!!!! YAY I’m being sarcastic but I’d imagine that’s the purpose of it being repainted d

DCBakerJul 15, 2023

Photos from today - the exterior of the former Starbucks building has a fresh coat of paint and a queue has been set up.

James AlucobondJun 28, 2023

Related, I suppose.

HorizonsfanJun 07, 2023

I suspect it’s a game of telephone…the equipment inside was likely proprietary to Starbucks, even if Disney is the franchisee. Architecture is very rarely copyrighted.

MagicHappens1971Jun 07, 2023

I don’t know if that’s true. Disney owns these locations outright, and the 4 other locations (in the parks) are designed by Disney and are unique. I doubt this Shipping Container was proprietary to Starbucks

Disstevefan1Jun 06, 2023

just what we need in EPCOT..... More walls.

Andrew25Jun 06, 2023

You can obviously repaint/change the look of it, doubt Starbucks gets mad because they repainted the building lol

Vegas Disney FanJun 06, 2023

Was this a pre build that was wheeled in or a permanent structure built in place? The walls are only around the planters which would seem to indicate it’s staying… unless they have to move back the planters to roll it out.

esskayJun 06, 2023

TIL Starbucks has an exclusive on 'generic weathered shed' design!

disneyC97Jun 06, 2023

Pretty sure it's been noted somewhere on here that the design is proprietary to Starbucks. Hope they just open up the area a bit more as it's really cramped.

JohnDJun 06, 2023

I think just take it down and open up the walkway space to enable better access to and from the WS promenade. This photo makes it very obvious. Put same plants around the tree, add a circular rail around it, pave the rest, and call it day.

Andrew25Jun 06, 2023

I'm surprised they don't use this as a festival booth? I can't imagine it would be too difficult to convert the kitchen. Could allow for them to add more seating/tables where the Bee-stro is currently for future festivals.