PHOTOS - Latest look at the construction of the Sprinkles cupcake bakery at Disney Springs

Jul 22, 2015 in "Sprinkles"

Sprinkles construction
Posted: Wednesday July 22, 2015 10:13am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Today we have a quick update on the Sprinkles cupcake bakery under construction at Disney Springs.

Wasting no time since it was announced back in May 2015, the shell of the building is nearly complete. Sprinkles will be located in The Springs area of Disney Springs, just across from Raglan Road near to T-REX.

Sprinkles serves up handcrafted cupcakes, slow churned ice cream and homemade cookies. Also on offer at the Disney Springs Sprinkles will be the Cupcake ATM, which offers cupcakes from a vending machine with 24 hour availability.

An opening date hasn't been announced, but it is expected to open in early 2016.

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articosJun 05, 2016

Right. There are approval processes for using Disney related items or art, but they may have forgotten to do that. It or something similar will likely be back.

BoltJun 03, 2016

Disney assists with the structure and handles the exteriors. Almost all interiors are designed by the location.

Clamman73Jun 02, 2016

I don't know if it was the "likeness" of it or what???

Dead2009Jun 02, 2016

When i saw "Sprinkles" in the title I instantly thought of a character that broke "character" and thus got in trouble, lol.

Grotto123Jun 02, 2016

was at sprinkles today and had noticed the Mickey shaped cupcake picture they had hanging was not there so the curious person I am asked someone what happened and they stated they were told to take it down. My question is it's been there all this time and don't these businesses have to submit design details before construction

BrenthodgeMay 24, 2016

Never been a huge fan - always found them to be a bit dry and "overhyped". Yes the interior is sparse, but that is their "look". You can tell from the branding and packaging that they are going for a clean, abstracted modern approach. I'll give them that - they did an awesome job of making the product (thick, smooth icing with "dot" of sugar wafer) the brand and the brand the product. Just never found the product living up to the presentation.

wdwmagicMay 24, 2016

PHOTOS - Sprinkles Cupcakes at Disney Springs

halltdMay 17, 2016

My first thought when I clicked on the interior photos was, "OMG the interior is amazing!". I actually am LOVING how the buildings at the Springs are going with the whole re-use vibe where an old structure was repurposed to be something new. So, it makes total sense to me for the interior to be clean and modern with the outside resembling an ice production facility (from the looks of the pump nearby. I can't wait to stop by and get my free cupcake! :)

radioraeMay 17, 2016

Ahhh, see I like that much better. It looks a lot warmer and more inviting. Sprinkles is a bit stark by comparison. But to each his own!

TheOrangeBird01May 16, 2016

Will you be able to buy the cupcakes with snack credits?

radioraeMay 16, 2016

That makes sense; a lot of bakeries go for the clean look, now that I think about it. Regardless of how it looks, I'm sure I'll be stopping in next time I'm around... it's hard to say no to cupcakes. :)

wdwmagicMay 16, 2016

Seems like they have gone for a very clean, white interior. It might not be everyones cup of tea, but I think it works. There are still finishing touches to be made, but I don't think you will see a drastic change.

radioraeMay 16, 2016

Thanks for everyone who's been taking pictures! It's really exciting to see things finally open. That being said, does anyone think the decor is a little sparse at Sprinkles? I wasn't sure if it that was how all Sprinkles locations looked, or if they rushed to get open on time and weren't able to finish decorating yet.