Sebastian's Bistro to reopen at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Jun 08, 2021 in "Sebastian's Bistro"

Sebastian's Bistro overview
Posted: Tuesday June 8, 2021 5:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Sebastian's Bistro at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort will be reopening on June 24 2021.

Nightly walk-in availability will begin June 24 through July 4. Bookings begin June 10 for reservations starting July 5 2021.

The restaurant will reopen with a family style dinner. Sebastian’s signature buttery house-baked pull-apart rolls will get you started, followed by the Taste of the Caribbean platter featuring oven-roasted citrus chicken, slow-cooked mojo pork with mango sambal, and grilled flank steak with mojito relish. The platter comes with sides of cilantro rice and beans, vegetable curry, and grilled broccolini. Coconut shrimp can also be ordered as an add-on to your meal. Coconut-pineapple bread pudding rounds out the meal.

Sebastian’s Bistro will be open nightly from 5pm - 9:30pm.

Sebastian's was one of the better resort-based restaurants in our opinion, check out our review for a closer look.

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castlecake2.0Jun 13, 2021

So is it also all you can eat?

Goof-ManJun 11, 2021

Makes sense. Staffing can play a huge role in reopening and many businesses are finding it hard to find staff now.

Chi84Jun 11, 2021

I don't think it has to do with money. Restaurants that have been closed fo a long time are finding it difficult to bring staffing up to the levels needed for a full menu to be offered. The family style offerings streamline things for the restaurant. It's something we are seeing where I live also - employees found other jobs and just about every restaurant is looking for staff.

surfsupdonJun 09, 2021

Good to see more options. Back in November, crowds at the food court were terrible, and the line to sit at the bar area/lounge was over 90minutes. Let’s get fully opened Resorts the dining capacity that they need!

DznyGrlSDJun 09, 2021

after almost a year of the parks being reopened - I fear all of these menu changes are here to stay. It may get WORSE if/when they bring back DDP.

Goof-ManJun 09, 2021

Do you think the basic menu is temporary or something disney is doing to save money? Excited to try this place on our upcoming vacation.

phillip9698Jun 09, 2021

With none of the items we loved. This stinks.

Horizons '83Jun 08, 2021

Ah, too bad the original menu isn't being offered. I really loved the diversity of their items and the key lime pie was amazing!