Pandora's Satu'li Canteen to offer breakfast during peak periods only

Sep 14, 2017 in "Satu'li Canteen"

Posted: Thursday September 14, 2017 7:52am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Beginning September 17 2017, Satu'li Canteen in Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom will be adjusting its operating hours.

Breakfast will be discontinued, and lunch will begin serving at 10am, 30 minutes earlier than its previous 10:30am lunch opening.

The breakfast menu was one of the best quick service breakfasts at Walt Disney World, so it is a shame to see it move to seasonal operation only.

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cjkeatingOct 20, 2017

I agree. This does seem like a mistake.

aw14Oct 20, 2017

I just learned about this today. So disappointed. Had the sausage and hash in June and was planning again in November.

LieutLawwSep 18, 2017

Yak & Yeti has a local food cafe next door to Yak & Yeti which does QS breakfast looking at the dining options

cjkeatingSep 18, 2017

Is there still a quick service breakfast option at AK or just Tusker House?

matt9112Sep 18, 2017

what the he'll! there's only one place for breakfast in the park? ok guys you can't Disney unless you overpay to breakfast with mickey or a princess. seems like that's the strategy. I ate breakfast here and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't the same crap they have all over property (mostly) this is really low.

Epcot82GuySep 14, 2017

That's really disappointing. The hash with Chorizo they had was one of the most solid quick service breakfast offerings around. I understand they are trying to maximize, but the breakfast offerings of any worth seem to be getting fewer and farther between at both the resorts and parks. Add it to the list for non-renewal of the AP, I guess. :(

cjkeatingSep 14, 2017

Very disappointing. This was part of my plan for one of my morning at AK later in the year. The breakfast menu seemed to share ingredients with the main menu so I don't think the breakfast menu was too much hassle. More like just saving a few $!

LieutLawwSep 14, 2017

Dang nabbit now I will have to look for another breakfast option in Oct :(

MinthorneSep 14, 2017

I found the breakfast stuffed bun thing disappointing. Very little filling, too much bland bun. I should have tried the oatmeal.

nbarSep 14, 2017

Wow, that is really a shame. I loved the food from Satuli. It was IMO some of the best, if not the best QS breakfast food on property.

FullSailDanSep 14, 2017

Guest demand isn't super high for breakfast in general outside of something grab and go. This location in particular suffers because most of the people there early are jumping in line and hanging out for 3 hours for the FoP. They are looking for lunch and to get on with their day after.

GlacierGlacierSep 14, 2017

I enjoyed the breakfast while it lasted, but I understand why they're getting rid of it. If it only serves it for an hour, and they have to prep for lunch at the same time, it's probably a big waste of money and/or time. Man am I going to miss those breakfast pods though.

aandmmagiccarpetrideSep 14, 2017

Darn. Really wanted to try this breakfast in January.

marni1971Sep 14, 2017