Salt and Straw ice cream is coming to Walt Disney World at Disney Springs

Jun 21, 2021 in "Salt and Straw Disney Springs"

Posted: Monday June 21, 2021 8:46am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Salt and Straw is expected to announce today that it will be opening a location at Disney Springs as it brings its hugely popular ice cream to Walt Disney World.

The Oregon-based company began as a small kiosk in 2011 and has since grown to include brick and mortar locations mainly on the west coast, including a store in Downtown Disney at Disneyland. Salt and Straw is known for its unique and creative flavors, including Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons, Honey Lavender, Pear & Blue Cheese, Arbequina Olive Oil, and Cold Brew Coffee Cashew Praline.

Salt and Straw teased an announcement last night on its Twitter account, including a picture of a Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream.

Although not yet announced, we understand that Salt and Straw will move into the space that was planned for Ample Hills in the West Side, across from Splitsville with an opening in 2022.

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TrainsOfDisneyMay 07, 2023

They do offer free samples - they have some pretty great flavors that are all over the map. It’s also worth noting that the cheapest option at Plaza Ice Cream is $6.79.

TalkingHeadMay 07, 2023

Tried a $7 scoop of the guava whatever flavor and it was mediocre. Doubt I’ll give it a second try.

PrinceCharming617Aug 26, 2022

We got 5 different Classic flavors and shared them. It was okay, but nothing I'd write home about. I must have different standards though, because I grew up near a ice cream stand, which is on a farm in New Hampshire.

TrainsOfDisneyAug 21, 2022

What flavors did you get?

PrinceCharming617Aug 21, 2022

Meh, this place is overrated. Disney could have added much better Ice Cream and Donut places.

LAKid53Apr 25, 2022

I'm in total agreement. Their black cherry amaretto gelato is the bomb.

nickysApr 24, 2022

You do realise not all of us live in the US? Over here there is definitely a difference between ice cream and gelato. In fact many Italian restaurants have both on the menu, because they are different. Just because “most people” can’t tell the difference doesn’t mean there isn’t a difference. Some people refer to Dole Whips as ice cream too, which is just as incorrect as saying gelato is the same as ice cream. And it seems you’ve just contradicted yourself with the final sentence of this post, when earlier you said you couldn’t understand why people would rather go to one than the other.

UNCgolfApr 24, 2022

It doesn't? I said most people can't tell a difference, although I suppose I really meant that the difference is so small that most people don't care, along with the fact that in some cases there is literally no difference at all. My point was that most people are only concerned with the overall quality when choosing because they're so similar. I'm not sure I've ever met someone who said they wanted ice cream and then was upset if they got gelato instead, or vice versa. Of course there are always exceptions, but there aren't many people that would rather have, say, Breyers ice cream over high quality gelato, or cheap low quality gelato over high quality ice cream. It's nice to have numerous options at Disney Springs to spread out crowds.

King Racoon 77Apr 24, 2022

Sorry it upsets you so that people may prefer ice cream to gelato. They must be as uneducated as me . Have a nice day .

Californian ElitistApr 24, 2022

Best vanilla ice cream I’ve ever had.

UNCgolfApr 24, 2022

It says it every time the word "gelato" appears, as you just admitted. Gelato isn't always different from American ice cream. Traditional gelato has minor differences from American ice cream (gelato tends to be richer/more flavorful, which is why I generally prefer it), but those lines have become heavily blurred. There is gelato that is made with eggs and the same fat content as American ice cream, to the point that they are the exact same product. And there are plenty of places selling American ice cream that call it gelato because they think it sounds fancier. Regardless, even traditional gelato and American ice cream are so similar that most people don't know which one they're eating. I'm not sure why you're trying to die on this hill, other than you just feel like trolling.

King Racoon 77Apr 24, 2022

If you can show me on their menu where it says "ice cream". I am aware of what gelato means and how it is produced ( different from ice cream).

UNCgolfApr 24, 2022

Gelato literally means ice cream, so yes, they do.

King Racoon 77Apr 24, 2022

So you are one of the ones who (by your own admission) can't tell the difference between ice cream and gelato as Vivoli IL Gelato doesn't sell ice cream.