Permit filed for Salt and Straw construction at Disney Springs

12 days ago in "Salt and Straw Disney Springs"

Posted: Monday September 13, 2021 2:17pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Salt and Straw has filed a permit to begin construction of its new location at Walt Disney World.

Salt & Straw will move into the former Something Silver location, that was most recently going to be home of another ice cream favorite, Ample Hills Creamery.

The permit is valid for one year and has been assigned to Hawkeye Construction of South Florida. (Thanks to @danlb_2000 on the WDWMAGIC Forums for identifying the permit). An official opening date has not yet been announced for Salt & Straw at Disney Springs.

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Richie2488 days ago

Tried Slat and Straw when I was in Disneyland and it was delicious. Pricey but delicious. And yes, even the vanilla is AMAZING! Ended up going back several times. Excited to have this in WDW.

JusticeDisney11 days ago

That’s so good to hear! Now you’ve got me pumped to check it out on our trip next summer! Thanks!

TrainChasers11 days ago

Salt and Straw is the top of the top notch in my opinion. I personally think they are much better than Ample Hills and I liked Ample Hills enough to visit one of the NYC locations on a trip to see some Broadway shows.

JusticeDisney11 days ago

I know nothing about S&S. Is this a top notch ice cream place? Better than Ample Hills?

wutisgoodJul 30, 2021

Yea ice cream for the store brand was under $3 for the standard large sizes honestly it seems cheaper than ever even accounting for inflation. At the same time individual ice cream places seem more expensive than ever.

aliceismadJul 29, 2021

Dairy Queen is great too. Frankly I'd rather just buy a tub of ice cream from the grocery store. But if Cold Stones around the country can charge that much, I don't see S&S prices being an issue in a popular warm-weather tourist destination.

ImperfectPixieJul 29, 2021

You should see the place near us... It's as if they're DETERMINED to put every customer into a sugar coma. Candy rims, full-size candy bars, cotton candy, syrups, add-ins...some of the shakes are bigger than a child's head. ETA: Hubby is dying to try it. I can't see spending $50 for a family of 4 to have ice cream. (Yup...those shakes are EXPENSIVE.)

wutisgoodJul 29, 2021

Coldstone around me used to be a bigger deal but eventually people got tired of the prices and just went back to dairy queen. Sometimes people just want to satisfy the sweet tooth without breaking the bank.

eliza61nycJul 27, 2021

I'm currently at Ocean City NJ went to an ice cream parlor last night got a double cookies and cream, 6.75 and the waffle cone was an extra $1.50. $8.25.

aliceismadJul 21, 2021

The Cold Stone and FroYo places we go to fairly frequently are $6-$8 per person. I don't see these prices as anything out of the ordinary. S&S's flavors sound delicious.

JEANYLASERJul 21, 2021

No Way! I love Ice cream really I do!

itsy bitsy spiderJul 11, 2021

Being that I'm a spider I'd be willing to try bugs. But I want the flies on the side.

The Great GonzoJul 10, 2021

You had me at Ice Cream... you had me at Ice Cream.

oogie boogie manJul 03, 2021

Wellll.....Bill Walton played for the Portland Trailblazers, UCLA, LA Clippers and the Boston Celtics (located near Salem, Mass). Close enough.