New Disney video gives a detailed look inside the new Roundup Rodeo BBQ at Disney's Hollywood Studios

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Posted: Monday March 13, 2023 2:51pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Chef Brian Piasecki, Culinary Director at Disney's Flavor Lab takes us inside the new Roundup Roder BBQ in Toy Story land at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Chef Brian shows us the dining room, a look backstage at the smokehouse, and some of his favorite dishes that will be available when Roundup Rodeo BBQ opens to guests on March 23 2023. Watch below for the video.

Reservations for Roundup Rodeo BBQ can be made now via My Disney Experience or the Disney website. Operating hours are 10:45am through to park close. Lunch and dinner are both priced at $45 per adult, and $25 for ages 3-9.

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SplashZander49 minutes ago

Toadstool cafe was very good and reasonably priced for portion size. I use my local Applebees (which serves aggressively mediocre foods) as a metric for whether the pricing is reasonable, and it absolutely passed as the food was significantly better, great environment, and was only slightly more.

Magenta Panther55 minutes ago

I've seen a couple of vlog reviews for this place. In their opinion, the food seems to be okay, and they liked the decor and atmosphere. The guests played along with the hiding-from-Andy game, freezing until the Sarge said it was okay to move again, and they applauded. Man, there's a lot of food in those platters. It all looked good to me, especially the sausage. This restaurant doesn't look nearly as cool, or the food as appealing, as the Mushroom Cafe in Nintendo World, but if you have a high tolerance for garish theming, this looks okay to me FWIW.

Rteetz1 hour ago

It’s been showing up pretty frequently for me as of late. I’m not looking for a family of four tho.

ToTBellHop1 hour ago

Sci-Fi is one of the hardest restaurants to get at WDW.

Rteetz1 hour ago

Why have it in the first place? Every other restaurant isn’t hard to get like this one is right now.

Touchdown1 hour ago

Every other restaurant at DHS has it and it’s a way for Disney to charge more money for the same meal, why wait?

Rteetz1 hour ago

I wouldn’t expect that to happen for a bit given it’s brand new.

Touchdown1 hour ago

Still waiting in this restaurant to have Fantasmic packages…

Hawkeye_20182 days ago

Yeah the pure volume of food you get does offset the price a bit. But I'll save my money and just eat quick service

JohnD2 days ago

That was my thought. People quickly add up the prix fixe price but then forget it can come out almost the same when ordering items separately from a "regular" menu.

JohnD2 days ago

I'll be there in several weeks. I can provide an on-site report.

eliza61nyc2 days ago

As opposed to the 210.00 it runs for a family of four at skippers Canteen. 😄

eliza61nyc2 days ago

Lol it is 🌞 🌝 bright

Ayla2 days ago

The interior looks like a psychedelic nightmare. 🥴