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Aug 06, 2019 in "Oga's Cantina"

Oga's Cantina at Disney's Hollywood Studios overview

Outside of the land’s two main attractions, one of the most anticipated experiences at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is Oga’s Cantina.

Like all of the buildings at Black Spire Outpost, signage on the exterior is minimal, encouraging a sense of exploration. Located in the heart of the settlement, you’ll find it just across from the Millennium Falcon in a circular building. One of the main clues this is the cantina will be the line of guests waiting to enter. It isn’t clear yet how the cantina will operate come opening day, but in previews there is a reservation system giving an allocated time to visit.

Lucky guests with a reservation enter though a sliding door, and in previews, are assigned an area to stand or sit.

The bar area is standing only, with more standing tables in the center, and some half-circle booths around the perimeter of the cantina. Capacity is low, so expect to be seated, or assigned a standing place with others.

Details on both the inside and outside are everywhere to be seen. The art design and fabrication are of the highest order. As with everything on Batuu, this is an all-new environment not previously seen in the movies, but it certainly has a resemblance to what you would find in the Star Wars universe.

As the story goes, Oga is the crime boss of Black Spire Outpost - the settlement on the planet of Batuu. While the cantina is her main business at the outpost, she has a hand in the other establishments throughout the land, and nobody wants to be on her bad side. The cantina is littered in blaster fires from one previous guests who got on her bad side. You never get to see Oga, but she can be heard yelling at some of her workers.

Known as the place for travelers to share their tales from their galactic experiences, the cantina serves up an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to a soundtrack provided by DJ R-3X. The former Starspeeder 3000 pilot from Star Tours has a new job at the cantina as the resident DJ, and he’s positioned at the back of the cantina in his DJ booth.

The menu offers a selection of speciality cocktails - both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, along with beers and wines.

We tried the Jedi Mind Trick - which is Grapefruit and Rose Vodka, Blue Curacao, White Grape Juice, Lime, and Grapefruit Bitters priced at $15. Then the Jet Juice - which is Bourbon, Ancho Reyes Chile Liquer, Cedilla Acai Liquer, White Grape Juice and Lemon Juice at $15.

Both were very sweet and fruity - neither were very strong, and would be classified as small drinks, especially given the price.

We also tried Rodian Ration, which is a jello based dish with Tito's Handmade Vodka, Dekuyper Pucker Sour Apple, Green Apple, Sprite, and Boba Balls priced at $13.50. Definitely one for those who like sweet and fruity.

While the drinks were good, they were too small with not enough alcohol content to be worth the price, even for a Disney location where drinks and value are never used in the same sentence. But if you like sweet and fruit, and don't mind the price - you'll love the drinks on offer.

Overall, Oga’s Cantina is well worth a visit - even if it requires a wait. It is a unique environment, unlike anything else you will find elsewhere. Be aware that is noisy, crowded, and likely not a place for a conversation.

The very low capacity is puzzling, as it will likely never be able to meet demand and will always have a significant wait or require a reservation. The ability to just wander into the cantina on a whim would have been a nice touch. Original plans called for a full table service restaurant in Galaxy’s Edge, and rumors persist that eventually this will be added. Then Oga’s Cantina may very well make sense as a lounge in partnership with the full restaurant.

Another observation, and something that is true for all areas of Black Spire Outpost, is the lack of local inhabitants. The addition of streetmosphere-type performers inside the cantina would go a long way to adding more depth to the experience. The story and place making tells us this is a gathering spot for travelers from across the galaxy, but all we see are humans.

Oga’s Cantina officially opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on August 29 2019 along with Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Previews for Cast Members and Annual Passholders are taking place throughout August.

Stay tuned for more Star Was Galaxy’s Edge content from Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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Article Posted: Aug 06, 2019 / 11:39am ET