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Jun 03, 2016 in "Nomad Lounge"

Nomad Lounge overview
Posted: Friday June 3, 2016 9:58am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Animal Kingdom has recently added signature dining to its restaurant line-up with the opening of Tiffins, and with it comes the brand new Nomad Lounge.

Located in the same building as Tiffins, you'll find Nomad Lounge just off Discovery Island, along what was the former walkway to Camp Minnie Mickey. Nomad Lounge has its own entrance, but can also be accessed from inside Tiffins.

Just like its restaurant counterpart Tiffins, the inside of the Nomad Lounge is beautiful.

Colorful banners hang in the center of the lounge, each posing a different question about traveling the world and the thrill of discovery.

Inside seating is plentiful, with a variety of different seating configurations wrapped in luxurious materials.

At the rear of the lounge is an outdoor terrace, with more seating and views of the surround trees and water.

Nomad Lounge Food and Drink

The Nomad Lounge menu offers an extensive range of cocktails, wines and beers, along with a selection of small plate food.

Dishes include Indian Butter Chicken Wings at $10, Honey-glazed Corainder-spiced Pork Ribs at $10, and Seared Wagyu Beef at $21. For dessert there is a Taste of Tiffins - Bold Dark Chocolate with Passion Fruit Curd, Egyptian Sea Salt, Sri Lankan Chantilly, and Hibiscus Meringue priced at $10.

The Nomad Lounge is open daily from 11:30am to 9:30pm.

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BrianVJun 13, 2016

Indeed. Sarcasm is hard in print!

danyoung56Jun 13, 2016

That is a funny statement. I hope you meant it that way!

wdwmagicJun 11, 2016

Plenty of bands elsewhere, one right outside the bar in Harambe. Nomad is a place to get away from all that.

19FW72Jun 11, 2016

Looks nice but a little boring this is a theme park not a country club. They should add a band and make it a little more Fun.

BrianVJun 11, 2016

It's frustrating that they cater to the guests at wdw.

Uncle LupeJun 06, 2016

Are Mickey ears permitted? How low brow can I dress and still not get dismissed?

worldfanaticJun 05, 2016

Very true. But that just goes with being inside a Park. We always save our really special evenings for the lounges/restaurants in the Hotels. Definitely a bit more upscale vibe.

No NameJun 05, 2016

@wdwmagic , did you hear or see anything about the opportunity to make a donation to the Disney conservation fund, and with that donation, be able to write and display your answer to one of the banner questions? That's something one of the imagineers described (it's in an earlier article on this site). And it's the only thing I find particularly cool or intriguing about this place. Well, other than the fact that they're trying to re-enact a miracle by feeding 5,000 people with only 5 chickens and 2 wagyu.

surfsupdonJun 04, 2016

Looks beautiful. Too bad it will be filled with the average daily park guest and their family. Like at Brown Derby, the average dress code does not fit the atmosphere.

Fox&HoundJun 04, 2016

Wow! This is what Animal Kingdom has been missing! How is this suddenly becoming my favorite park?????

Rob562Jun 03, 2016

That will most likely change once Avatar opens... Guess I'll have to get in my enjoyment of it before then. :) -Rob

JohnDJun 03, 2016

Let's hope it stays that way. I nice little oasis inside a busy park.

wdwmagicJun 03, 2016

It has not been busy so far.

ABQJun 03, 2016

I fear the same thing, unless, possibly, and not trying to be mean, but they could restrict ages to 18 or 21 +