Local Green Orlando food truck arrives at Disney Springs

Mar 10, 2022 in "Food Truck - Local Green Orlando"

Local Green Orlando Food Truck
Posted: Thursday March 10, 2022 12:19pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Local Green Orlando, a healthy eating food truck, has now arrived at Food Truck Park on the West Side in Disney Springs.

The company says on their website, "Our focus is to shine the light on nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables; therefore, we serve a mostly plant-based menu. With our vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian menu options, we strive to appeal to the tastes of the urban palate while providing cuisine rich in fiber, healthy fats, vitamins and other nutrients."

Most dishes are priced around $15 and include burgers, sandwiches, wraps, street corn and air fries. Here is the full menu:

Local Green Orlando joins the existing food truck line-up, including the 4 Rivers Cantina and the Disney operated trucks.

Food trucks at Disney Springs operate from 5pm daily.

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SplashJacketApr 08, 2022

No NameMar 23, 2022

The food is good, but the truck faces the wrong way! It looks like it’s closed/dead from the walkway because the employees and ordering window are on the side facing the water.

NiarrNDisneyMar 10, 2022

This place looks great and reminds me of a restaurant I frequent here in town. Hope its there on my next trip.

TikibirdLandMar 10, 2022

We've gotta be inclusive. You know, The Fungus Among Us.

FutureCEOMar 10, 2022

Why must everything vegan have fungus in it. So annoying. Too bad if you ask for no mushrooms, the price doesn't go down.

itsy bitsy spiderMar 05, 2022

Paging Mr. Morrow should check this out. He's been eating too many Gideons cookies lately. Whenever I see him his face is redder than the Devil's you know what.

networkproMar 04, 2022

My sympathies, are the robbery stats down ?

SplashJacketMar 03, 2022

I live on Campus at Tech, so that’s basically my backyard

networkproMar 03, 2022

As some who was born in DeKalb General and currently lives half way between Atlanta and Macon, I assure you dont want to visit thier location. It's in Vine City near the Atlanta University Center north of the West End Mall.

SplashJacketMar 03, 2022

As an Atlantian, I can say with extreme confidence that I have never heard of this place Helpful Atlantian out!

UncleFastpassMar 02, 2022

Don’t know if there’s another thread about this,but I was wondering if there was more than one entrance available for Springs now? Last time I was there,there was only one entrance because they were screening for Covid.

RSoxNo1Mar 02, 2022

What is the current lineup of food trucks at exposition park? Safe to assume this is joining them?

TikibirdLandMar 01, 2022

Spin it as you like. I am proud of their stand on the support of traditional, biblical, family values. I have NEVER seen them treat others differently based on their sexual orientation or even the way someone dressed. All should be treated respectfully. You don't have to celebrate someone's lifestyle to serve them. Indeed, we're all taught to treat others as we would want to be treated. I think we all can agree with that without being called "hateful".