Liberty Tree Tavern refurbishment extended again

Nov 18, 2015 in "Liberty Tree Tavern"

Posted: Wednesday November 18, 2015 12:52pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The reopening of the Magic Kingdom's Liberty Tree Tavern has been pushed back a couple of days.

The Liberty Square restaurant is now set to open on Thanksgiving, November 26 2015.

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peter11435Dec 02, 2015

You sure about that? I'm fairly certain dinner is still served family style while lunch is still a la carte.

WDWtravelerDec 02, 2015

Liberty Tree Tavern was open today, Tuesday, Dec. 1. The inside design looks basically the same, just fresher paint and woodwork. The narrow staircases to the upstairs restrooms are still present. For lunch, the menu was individual meals/single servings. The dinner menu is family style. Photo update as of Wednesday, Dec 9. The new feature is the scooter/wheelchair lift on the left side of the lobby, near the cast member desk, all in dark wood paneling to match the décor.

disney4life2008Nov 28, 2015

White Castle serves ooey gooey toffee cheesecake now

MuktaNov 28, 2015

Anyone tried LTT since it reopened? Is the menu the same as it used to be?

Cesar R MNov 19, 2015

They had a lot of toruble in my case First they lost my reservation (the elderly guy at the reservation booth.. had a hard time finding my reservation or more like he couldn't type my name..dunno) then: my magic crashed, not letting me get the reservation on my cell phone... after finally finding my name and my reservation. I was assigned in one of the farthest areas of the restaurant, right next to the door to the kitchen.. (not fun). and then, while the appetizers were good, they gave me uncooked chicken.. 3 times.. I had to tell the server 3 times.. she was seriously concerned and had a good talk with the cook. until THEN... finally my stuff was coming nicely.

networkproNov 19, 2015

Pot Roast is what you want at LTT for lunch, or Colony salad with chicken if you want something lighter. Both ooey Gooey and Johnny Appleseed are good options for dessert followed by a nap on the porch.

disney4life2008Nov 18, 2015

I agree, Ohana is hit or miss. What it has in its favor is that the food is good and its all you can eat. The ambiance is worth it as well especially over the fireworks hour. I have always wanted to dine here but I would not want a burger. I always wanted the turkey feast I just assumed it would be really good. But maybe not.

Cesar R MNov 18, 2015

Ohana was a hit and miss for me :(

disney4life2008Nov 18, 2015

Well, all these negative comments about LTT have deterred me. I will stick to Ohana

JoeCamelNov 18, 2015

That area has always been a service entry/exit. Ice runs, characters coming and going etc. The Dans had to come down the stairs from the balcony dressing area and it looks like they enclosed or did away with that space so maybe they don't have to walk up and down the stairs in their tap shoes any longer. SOTMK needs a better location that what they have though.

dreamfinderNov 18, 2015

Yeah, I was thinking they may be moving the check in/registration location that hiding in the back of the Christmas store rather than creating a new play window.

networkproNov 17, 2015

That's the Training area for the Sorcerers stand that's on the back side of the Christmas shoppe. Nice picture update!

Cesar R MNov 17, 2015

thanks for the update man!

WDWtravelerNov 17, 2015

Photo update as of Tuesday, Nov. 17. The majority of the construction walls at the rear of Liberty Tree Tavern have been removed, with the exception of the wall on the right. Fresh red painted concrete is present. It appears there will be another Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom location at the left window/door of this building, based on the "touch key" located below the window. The path to the left goes to the character gazebo. Strong paint fumes were present all around Liberty Tree Tavern today.