Kouzzina by Cat Cora closing permanently at the end of September

Mar 24, 2014 in "Kouzzina by Cat Cora"

Posted: Monday March 24, 2014 11:005am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Kouzzina by Cat Cora will be closing permanently at the end of September. The final day of operation will be September 30 2014.

A new restaurant will be opening in the location on the BoardWalk late 2014. Kouzzina opened in August 2009 to great fanfare with celebrity Chef Cat Cora in attendance.

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righttrackJul 07, 2014

We enjoyed the food at Kouzzina. It's standard Greek fare, done respectfully well. Dinner was great. Breakfast and Lunch, because technically this is the hotel's main restaurant, we didn't try. I think it's location, outside arguably the best food on property, World Showcase, makes one feel bored with whatever is offered here. If you're going to be in the world before September, I can comfortably recommend it for dinner. Just don't get the Pastitsio if you don't have a big appetite, get the small one as part of the Greek Sampler, which comes with a small lamb burger and cinnamon chicken.

tareJul 07, 2014

Those are quick service and the abc never interested me but we love cosmic rays!!!! Sonny is awesome!!

Tigger1988Jul 07, 2014

Never been to the ABC Commissary, eh?

seahawk7Jul 07, 2014

Except its outgrown its location. Change the name if need be or keep the name and say its in reference to the movie called Beaches starring Bette Midler that took place on the Boardwalk. And we come full circle.

Cesar R MJul 07, 2014

really? worse than cosmic ray's ?

willtravelJul 06, 2014

I just hope that what is brought in offers sit down breakfast.

BigTxEarsJul 06, 2014

I am excited for the new place (whatever it might be) as well, we would have returned to Kouzzina though. I am good either way :)

tareJul 06, 2014

Glad you liked it. I did forget to mention our waiter was so snotty and unfriendly there as well. Needless to say he certainly wasn't worth a tip of any kind.

BigTxEarsJul 06, 2014

We ate there last month and loved it, all 6 of us thought it was great :)

tareJul 06, 2014

Good ridence!!! The worst food besides Tusker house ever on disney property!!

seascapeJul 06, 2014

Ruts Hut has the best hot dogs in the northeast.

ToTBellHopJul 06, 2014

Not to mention, Nathan's Famous can stay where it belongs--in strip malls in the Northeast.

cspencer96Jul 06, 2014

Beaches and Cream is where it is because, well, Beach Club. And the beach. And the pool that has a beach inside it. It's a thing. No reason to pick it up and move it across the lagoon where it doesn't fit in.

danpam1024Jul 06, 2014

Sad to hear- fantastic option. (although we haven't been to BW in 3 years) Another Italian restaurant- cheap, overpriced noodles and sauce- yay! Disney keeps giving DH reasons to not agree to go back and stay on the "Uni side". Oh well. Closing Babycakes NYC and now this- his 2 favs.