Kouzzina opening day

These photos were shot on the opening day of Kouzzina, a few hours before the doors open for business.

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Kouzzina replaced the Spodles Restaurant
The Kouzzina signage
Good news for Boardwalk Pizza fans, it survived the change and is still in operation
Inside the lobby at Kouzzina
The very nice Kouzzina floor mats inside the lobby
Mediterranean art is found on the walls of the lobby
The check in desk in the Kouzzina lobby
A range of Cat Cora books are on sale
Like the food? Buy the book!
The Kouzzina menu
Kouzzina menus
A look across the Boardwalk at the home of Kouzzina
The Kouzzina main entrance
All of the signage around the Boardwalk has been updated to include Kouzzina

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