Kona Island at Disney's Polynesian Resort to temporarily close during lobby refurbishment

Aug 01, 2014 in "Kona Island"

Posted: Friday August 1, 2014 10:00am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Kona Island at Disney's Polynesian Resort is closing from August 8 to September 30 2014, with an expected reopening to guests on October 1 2014.

Kona Island serves morning coffee and pastries, along with sushi during the evenings. It joins the Nanea Volcano Pool, Barefoot Bay Pool Bar, the original Capt' Cook's, and Trader Jack's as being closed during the Disney Vacation Club redevelopment of the resort.

You can stay on top of all the current and upcoming refurbishments on one page.

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GoofGoofAug 03, 2014

Yep. We did the same thing when staying at BLT. It's real 100% Kona coffee. None of that Kona blend stuff you can buy in a supermarket which is only 10% Kona Coffee. You can buy a bag and to use in your room, but it's something like $40 for for a 12oz bag of 100% Kona. They also sold a blend which I think was like 40% Kona for less than half that price.

MinnieM123Aug 03, 2014

Even with Starbucks now at WDW, I still think the best coffee is the Kona served at the Polynesian. Early mornings, (if I was in the MK area), I'd take the monorail over to the Polynesian to the Kona Island Coffee Bar, and get a cup "to go" . . . heavenly! It was definitely worth the side trip to get a cup! :)

Soarin' Over PghAug 03, 2014

You and your logic, get the heck out of here! But seriously, I agree this is what they should have done.but, can't do that, they might lose a few vacation dollars. :rolleyes: I would be so mad to pay $500 a night and see a sea of construction walls. Edit to add: had they have shut the entire resort down, rehabbed it all in one go, and reopened, don't you think there would be a HUGE demand for rooms there to experience the "new" Polynesian? Another short sighted vision by keeping it open. Same as new fantasyland. If they would have launched it at once instead of piece by piece it would have been much more anticipated and exciting. By the time the mine train opened, all the hardcore fans (re: us) were thinking was "finally".

harveyt0206Aug 03, 2014

This is getting ridiculous. Just shut the place down and move the guests to one of the other monorail resorts.

Father RobinsonAug 02, 2014

As extreme as this may sound, personally I'd prefer it rather than blow a quarter of a year salary to stay at a (themed) construction site.

GoofGoofAug 02, 2014

I wonder if they will serve the Kona coffee somewhere else. You can get it at Kona Cafe, but this was where we got it to go. Hopefully they still serve the coffee in the morning when it reopens. It's sooooo good:hungry:

LAKid53Aug 02, 2014

With all the renos at the Poly, I think Disney needs to PAY guests to stay there....

omuriceAug 01, 2014

Guests of the Poly missing the pool will get a bus to Blizzard Beach with a free voucher. Those missing Kona Island could probably ask for a "sushi voucher" for Kimono's or California Grill. With all the vouchers adjusted cost per night for a family could at some point actually drop below $200... :)

rael ramoneAug 01, 2014

Bad news needs to be delivered along with the good... It's my guess that Kona Island is primarily frequented by Poly guests... if any of those guests feel that Kona Island being unavailable is a deal killer, hopefully they will be able to move to another resort... haven't been in Kimono's in years, but that's always been good... Hope Kona Cafe isn't affected.... not looking forward to the defurb work, but am looking forward to the potstickers & the sustainable fish...

Soarin' Over PghAug 01, 2014

Sure, why not. Just about every other thing at the Polynesian is walled off or temporarily closed/removed/refurbed/relocated. What's one more?