Lion King Dining Experience coming to Jiko at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

May 03, 2019 in "Jiko - The Cooking Place"

Posted: Friday May 3, 2019 11:04am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Jiko at Disney's Animal Kingdom will be offering a limited-time Lion King Dining Experience this summer.

Beginning June 30 2019 and priced at $65 per person plus tax and gratuity, the three-course dinner features a selection of menu items and musical accompaniment from live musicians.

You’ll start your meal off with the “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” starter – a dish featuring Young Cedar Creek clam malata, potatoes, pomegranate, and a bone marrow finish.

Next, choose from two entrées: Bone-In Ribeye with hibiscus, nettles, and fregula or Lobster Sosatie with red shrimp, squid, mussels, and fragrant rice.

The dessert features caramelized orange and chocolate choux.

Finally, you'll get some candy and teas to complete the experience. Wine pairings are available at an additional cost, and the full Jiko menu will remain available for diners.

Reservations can be made via 407-939-3463.

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Club CooloholicMay 04, 2019

I am betting Tables In Wonderland will not be applicable?

monykalynMay 04, 2019

AKL was awesome, and dd was a cm at time who got a great discount on a DVC villa. Nothing like walking in and seeing a giraffe out on the Savanna! Jiko was one of the best meals I’ve had anywhere! We wanted to go back to V&A for our 25th anniversary but was booked (went on 10th) so did Jiko instead as stayed at AKL. Then closed down Victoria Falls lounge. Be sure to go on the free tour of the restaurants offered in Jambo house- think you meet at 4 in lobby by Jiko. Very cool. I like Sana’a a lot too, but more for early dinner - light enough to see animals but on dinner menu which I prefer

SirwalterraleighMay 03, 2019

You’ll Love it. I’ve stayed at beach club probably “the most”...but akl is close and will surpass it before long. My advice is to not go crazy park jumping...plan some time to enjoy what you’re paying for at the hotel.

Kevin_WMay 03, 2019

Yes, the duck is quite good. The curries are not as good as what my local Indian places offer (though they are not bad.) The bread service, IMO, is overrated for the price. Disney has seen the popularity and raised the price to double what it should be (again, IMO). I've eaten at Jiko twice (2002 and 2017) and those remain 2 of the favorite meals I've ever had, at WDW or anywhere.

aliceismadMay 03, 2019

Really? That's too bad. The last time I was there was 2017, but the duck I had was excellent for the price.

bhg469May 03, 2019

Sanaa is a must do for us but more and more we realize it is solely for the bread service. The sauces are truly the best part. Any indian restaurant is better IMO and the naan at my favorite indian place is probably better for the most part, but the sauces are truly unique. Obviously go there to experience it but if you want to save some money, Get the bread service with a few extra pieces of naan, and split an entree.

bhg469May 03, 2019

That buffet used to be so much better as well. I would gladly pay for Jiko any day over going back to Boma again.

Weather_LadyMay 03, 2019

As much as I frequent this board and enjoy the vacation planning process, I've "only" been to WDW 5 times as an adult-with-family, staying at 6 different resorts (3 moderate, 3 deluxe using rented DVC points). We've long wanted to stay at AKL (we checked it out during a dinner at Boma back in 2014), but were dissuaded by a number of factors, chiefly the misconception that is was "so remote" and far away from all parks but AK that we'd be taking on huge additional amounts of travel time. It was only after I read an excellent article on another site which laid out the exact travel times from different resorts-to-parks using Disney transportation that I realized the difference was negligible, and that AKL travel times are actually better than some other resorts. Our upcoming trip will also be over a very busy school break (President's Day week), and I think we'll appreciate the opportunity to relax and recoup each afternoon, far away from the increased hustle and bustle of the parks and the louder resorts. We're really looking forward to staying (and eating - Sanaa and Jiko are both on the list) there!

SirwalterraleighMay 03, 2019

What?!? Animal kingdom might be the best are the restaurants I can’t believe you have stayed there before

Gitson ShigglesMay 03, 2019

This will streamline kitchen operations and reduce overhead costs. This special limited **cough**test**cough** offer is only missing the prime rib.

Weather_LadyMay 03, 2019

Too bad it's a short-term thing. If it's still happening (or has been turned into a permanent offering) when we visit next Feb. 2020 (staying at AKL for the first time, and have never eaten at Jiko), I'd love to try it.

aliceismadMay 03, 2019

I'd rather not choose this because I prefer other entrees, but for someone looking to save a little money on a great meal, it looks good.

SirwalterraleighMay 03, 2019

Hasn’t there been grumbling that jiko is being eyed for the next dwarf meal? Reduction of quality for mass foot traffic? Who’s to say this isn’t a step towards that? Let’s face it - if Boma wasn’t next door; it would already be done.

xdan0920May 03, 2019

Not expensive enough. Disney has a fiduciary responsibility to take the "guests" for all they are worth. Someone is getting fired.