New themed wine cart arrives at EPCOT's Italy pavilion

Oct 09, 2023 in "Italy Pavilion wine cart"

Italy Pavilion wine cart overview
Posted: Monday October 9, 2023 9:54am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Italy pavilion at EPCOT has a new themed cart serving up a selection of red and white wines, perfect as a grab-and-go for guests strolling World Showcase.


Pricing ranges from $9 to $15 per 3oz glass of wine, and there are also a couple of beers and a Limoncello Spritzer on offer.

The new cart replaces a previous standard outdoor vending kiosk, and you can find it on the World Showcase promenade next to Gelateria Toscana.

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Horizons '83Oct 10, 2023

I'm always all about some small upgrades here and there. They make a difference.

DisneyNorthFanOct 09, 2023

Looks nice ... curious if there are any photos from before?

SD449Oct 09, 2023

Is Disney that desperate for an extra cent they need to change $9.01 for a drink?

MagicHappens1971Oct 09, 2023

Definitely an upgrade from what was there before.

wdwmagicOct 09, 2023

A couple more pictures of the new cart New themed wine cart arrives at EPCOT's Italy pavilion