New Coca-Cola location 'Ice Cold Hydraulics' opens at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Feb 20, 2024 in "Ice Cold Hydraulics"

Ice Cold Hydraulics overview
Posted: Tuesday February 20, 2024 9:40am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new Coca-Cola location, Ice Cold Hydraulics, is now open at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.

Located in the Muppets Courtyard at Disney's Hollywood Studios, the kiosk is on the busy walkway to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge and offers snacks, drinks, and ice cream.

The kiosk has two walk-up windows and a small seating area with umbrellas.

Menu items include cinnamon rolls, churros, pretzels, popcorn, cotton candy, and a selection of Nestle ice cream products.

Alcoholic beverages are available, such as frozen slushies with different spirits like whiskey or rum, draft beer options, and a selection of wines.

Non-alcoholic beverages include Dasani water, water, and frozen slushies with Coca-Cola, Minute Maid Lemonade, and Fanta Blue Raspberry.

Operating hours are park open to park close, and the kiosk participates in the Disney Dining Plan. Mobile Order is not available.

Ice Cold Hydraulics Menu


  • Candy Painted Cinnamon Rolls - $8.99
  • Bouncin' Mini Churros - $8.99
  • Mini Churros with Chocolate Sauce - $7.79
  • Mickey-Shaped Pretzel with Cheese Sauce - $7.79
  • Popcorn (souvenir Bucket) - $12.29
  • Popcorn Bucket Refill - $2.19
  • Popcorn - $5.19
  • Cotton Candy - $5.19
  • Nestle Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar - $6.29
  • Nestle Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Sandwich - $6.29
  • Frozen Lemonade Cup - $5.99
  • Frozen Lemonade-Strawberry Cup - $5.99

Alcoholic Drinks

  • Frozen Slushies with Alcohol - $15.00
  • Jack Daniel's Whiskey with Coke - $15.00
  • Bacardi Superior Rum with Coke - $15.00
  • Stoli Vanil Vodka with Coke - $15.00
  • Bud Light Lager (Draft Beer) - $9.50
  • Yuengling Lager (Draft Beer) - $9.50
  • Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Moscato, Pinot Grigio) - $11.00

Beverages and Slushies

  • Dasani - $3.29
  • Smartwater - $3.75
  • Frozen Slushies - $5.79
  • Coca-Cola Frozen Slushie - $5.79
  • Minute Maid Lemonade Frozen Slushie - $5.79
  • Fanta Blue Raspberry Frozen Slushie - $5.79

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MagicHappens1971Feb 22, 2024

I think the pretzel is more insulting as those Mickey Pretzels are disgusting. Although I think I would pay about anything for an ice cold fountain Coke Zero during a long park day. I usually stick to free fountain water for the most part though

roj2323Feb 22, 2024

A 20 oz soda is small

SplashJacketFeb 22, 2024

A 20 oz soda is obnoxious

roj2323Feb 22, 2024

Food prices are getting obnoxious. $7+ dollars for a pretzel is insulting. $5+ dollars for a 20ounce soda is obnoxious.

Epcot82GuyFeb 21, 2024

I just got back from Studios. It doesn't look as jarring in person, as that area has kind of become a mishmash of general "city street" that references "California" somehow. It's not great, by any means. More forgettable. I will say, the wait time overposting was in full effect in Galaxy's Edge tonight. Smuggler's was posted at 30 minutes. Walked on... Rise was posted at 80 minutes (posted 40 minutes when we exited). Waited 10... Made for a more successful ride night than we anticipated.

EricsBiscuitFeb 21, 2024

With incredible seasoning! Easily the best churro at a Disney park

MagicHappens1971Feb 21, 2024

That was my initial reaction, it is well done, but just not for the area it sits in.

Magicart87Feb 21, 2024

This feels out of place, like it was grabbed from one area and plopped down in another. The Rollercoaster Tycoon reference was spot on. Doesn't really mesh with it's Muppet surroundings.

BrianFeb 20, 2024

Biden and Iger just left MCO after taking part in the ceremony.* This is a joke.

Jambo DadFeb 20, 2024

Watch out Epic Universe!

SquishyFeb 20, 2024

Will there be a ribbon cutting ceremony for such a major expansion?

DCBakerFeb 20, 2024

According to Disney, Ice Cold Hydraulics opens today.

Indy_UKFeb 20, 2024

3 months tops