'Hollywood and Vine' and Cinderella's Royal Table to return in late September along with more quick service options

Sep 02, 2020 in "Hollywood and Vine"

Posted: Wednesday September 2, 2020 1:27pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Cinderalla's Royal Table and Hollywood & Vine will both reopen in late September 2020, adding more table service dining options for Walt Disney World guests.

Hollywood & Vine will reopen on September 25 2020 featuring Minnie’s Seasonal Dining. According to Disney, "you can get in the spooky spirit during Minnie’s Halloween Dine with a monster feast served to your table where you will be able to wave and snap photos of your favorite characters such as Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse and their friends. It’s a boo-tastic time filled with Halloween décor and music, scary good food, and more!"

Cinderella's Royal Table will reopen September 24, but will not feature any appearances from the princesses.

Reservations can be made at both from September 11 2020.

Elsewhere, Gaston's Tavern will reopen September 4 at the Magic Kingdom, and ABC Commissary for quick service walk-in lunch from October 8.

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JustAFanSep 20, 2020

Thanks! Disappointing, but I get it. Not a fan of selecting my food from what others have picked over right now.

carriebethSep 20, 2020

They have a menu available on the app and probably the website. You get salad a choice of entree and choice of dessert. No buffet no family style just a totally different experience right now.

Jon81ukSep 15, 2020

Not sure on those specific places but elsewhere people have mentioned places such as Biergarten are now serving family style instead of buffet. I would guess most buffets will either go family style with food brought to the table or cafeteria style where the chef plates it for you at the buffet counter.

networkproSep 15, 2020

I have unfortunately done it once with my wife, but never again. The food is ok, but not at signature level. Your special treat is a flimsy clear plastic box with a Turkish delight gone off inside a cardboard carriage. The included fireworks viewing is the same as the fireworks terrace party.

JustAFanSep 15, 2020

Any idea on how they'll be handling buffet style service? Hollywood & Vine is a buffet. Chef Mickey's, Tusker House, Crystal Palace are all buffets as well. Surely they won't have people handling food, right? I wonder if they'll offer the same food, but have attendants serving guests.

Jon81ukSep 15, 2020

Assuming you mean this one https://www.disneyworld.co.uk/dining/cinderella-royal-table-package/ I've not done it, but just add up what you get. CRT dinner usually $75 glass of sparkling wine with dinner $12 After fireworks dessert party $89 Total $176. Where is the additional $25 of value coming from? the box of chocolates? Also doing a three course meal and a dessert party is a lot of food, I don't think its possible to eat enough to feel the value. The better option would be to just do the dessert party on its own and CRT another day (or for lunch) to spread the meals out.

DVCakaCarlFSep 15, 2020

I can’t see how a dinner for four totaling over $800 is worth it.

wishicouldgomoreoftenSep 15, 2020

I know I read a couple reviews of that, but don't remember where. Try googling it. Good luck.

DVCakaCarlFSep 15, 2020

Cinderella’s Royal Table Signature Dining with Fireworks

wishicouldgomoreoftenSep 15, 2020

Was it a New Year's Eve party? A DVC party? A private Dining party? The monorail circle thing? Can you narrow down what you are inquiring about?

DVCakaCarlFSep 14, 2020

Speaking of the location, has anyone tried or experienced the party, pre covid, of course, that was $199/person? Was it worth it? I can’t imagine what you get for that.

Magenta PantherSep 14, 2020

Well, I had a very good meal experience at BoG. I had the scallops, as I remember (this was several years ago). I'd never had scallops before, and I thought they were delicious. Dessert was great too. I ate in the Ballroom, and later on visited the West Wing. Nice, but really, a bit small and Disney could have tried harder to make it a little more creepy IMO. But overall BoG was a great experience for me. Cinderella's Royal Table was a nice surprise - the food was very good. I think I had beef and asparagus. Everything was well-cooked and tasty. I couldn't care less about character experiences, so if the Princesses never return, it would hardly be a deal-killer for me.

Jon81ukSep 14, 2020

I agree with this. Its been years since we visited. But Hollywood and Vine is fine buffet food, its nothing amazing but exactly what I expected. The price probably has got too high though. Cinderella's was great the food was pretty good (but this was 10 years ago) and the characters made it magical. Plus we got swords (why can't a 29 year old be a big kid!) and then we did sword fighting while waiting to watch the fireworks that night. I've only done BOG for lunch and it was fine. Not sure the food was significantly better than most other QS but having real silverware made it feel nicer.

Yellow ShoesSep 13, 2020

Columbia and Casey's should have been resurrected LONG before Cosmic Ray's ... (I "get " the theming, and think Sonny Eclipse is cute, but the food is .... )