Significant price increases to drinks and snacks at Walt Disney World

Oct 02, 2018 in "Harambe Market"

Posted: Tuesday October 2, 2018 4:09pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

New pricing is in effect at Walt Disney World for beverages and snacks, with some seeing a considerable increase.

The following isn't an exhaustive list, but shows examples of increases observed so far.

  • Regular sodas are now $3.99, up from the previous $3.29
  • Large sodas are now $4.49, up from $3.49
  • SmartWater is now $5.50, up from $4.50
  • Regular coffee is now $3.29, up from $2.79
  • Hot Tea is now $3.29 up from $2.79
  • Bottled water is now $3.50, up from $3.00
  • Orange Juice is now $4.99, up from $4.29
  • Churro is now $5.89, up from $5.19
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HauntedPirateOct 16, 2018

What attachment? *runs away in embarrassment*

JoeCamelOct 16, 2018

OK, my reading comprehension is about as good as my memory. Or you didn't click on the attachment you posted

HauntedPirateOct 16, 2018

No, that was the price for a box of popcorn at DLP. #SomethingCheaperAtWDW

JoeCamelOct 16, 2018

It was these I was thinking of...Guess I'm not as lazy as I thought You posted it?

Kman101Oct 16, 2018

I wonder how much is "bought" on the DDP and if that's why there hasn't been much blowback on the over-pricing. I imagine it makes little difference to most but those of us paying out of pocket who notice it the most. I haven't read all 40 pages so apologies if this has been brought up already.

HauntedPirateOct 16, 2018

I went back 10-11 pages and didn't find anything but a popcorn refill costs $2. So that's confirmed. Anyone who wants to go back further to look, be my guest, I'll thank you in advance right now. :)

JoeCamelOct 16, 2018

I think the new prices on a menu board are posted upthread but I'm too lazy to go look.

HauntedPirateOct 16, 2018

I can ask my two sons and find out. (I'll bet it's still cheaper than box of popcorn in DLP. :bored: ) Update: Someone else can confirm/corroborate this, but they said $10 for a refillable bucket with $2 refills. $5 or $6 for a regular box (I'm guessing $5).

larryzOct 16, 2018

Platinum and Platinum Plus. Don't know about Gold and Silver.

RadeksgrlOct 16, 2018

I KNEW IT! Exactly what I was worried about this year. So much for AP prices increasing in February like they normally do, Hopefully free parking is still included with the AP.

Fairy32Oct 16, 2018

How much is the refillable popcorn bucket now?

LittleBufordOct 15, 2018

If a child orders and eats the same meal as an adult, then I see no problem with that child being charged the same amount as an adult. Where I part company with Disney is over the notion that a 10-year-old has adult eating habits to begin with. To my mind, 12 or 13 would be a more reasonable age for the child/adult division.

Disneyhead'71Oct 15, 2018

Wrong thread. I moved it to the soft attendance thread.

CalmdownnowOct 15, 2018