From morning stuffed pancake sandwiches to evening treats: New eats at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Oct 10, 2023 in "Harambe Market"

Posted: Tuesday October 10, 2023 2:15pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Animal Kingdom is launching new food and drink across the park on October 11, ranging from breakfast specialties to all-new desserts.

What's new on the Menu at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Harambe Market

Harambe Market serves up African-inspired fare, including a variety of rice bowls. Highlights include the Chicken and Shrimp Rice Bowl and the IMPOSSIBLE Kofta Pita. The Beef and Lamb Kofta Pita combines house-made beef and lamb kofta with a refreshing tzatziki sauce, chermoula, and house-made chips. Each dish features jollof rice with kachumbari tomato salad and tzatziki sauce, and you can choose between chermoula-marinated chicken, peri peri-marinated shrimp, or both to top it off. A new kid's version is also available – the Shrimp and Rice Bowl with peri peri-marinated shrimp, white rice, and a Cuties Mandarin Orange.

The Harambe Salad with Chicken combines chermoula-marinated chicken with quinoa, grilled corn, black-eyed peas, and crispy chickpeas topped with a chermoula-herbed vinaigrette.

A new Mango Passion Fruit Cheesecake rounds out the new offerings at Harambe market.

Breakfast Bites

The Stuffed Pancake Sandwich offers a blend of sausage, guava paste, egg, and cheese. Available at multiple locations, including Drinkwallah, Trek Snacks, and Pongu Pongu.

Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery adds to the breakfast menu with the Egg and Bacon Croissant Sandwich and the Breakfast Totchos. The latter features potato barrels with scrambled eggs and bacon.

The plant-based IMPOSSIBLE Gatsby fills a pita pocket with plant-based picadillo, tomato-pepper relish, and crispy potato sticks and tops it off with a plant-based aïoli. The Harissa Chicken Wrap brings together harissa chicken salad with vegetables and an avocado spread rolled in a spinach tortilla. Both items are served with house-made potato chips.

Sweet Treats at Pongu Pongu

The new Cinnamon Roll is set to make its debut in Pandora - The World of AVATAR.

Flame Tree Barbecue and Pizzafari

Flame Tree Barbecue is set to introduce the IMPOSSIBLE Burnt Ends and the French Fries with Pulled Pork and Cheese.

Pizzafari updates include the Plant-based Italian Sausage and Antipasto Side Salad.


Tamu Tamu Refreshments introduces the DOLE Whip Orange Soda Float and, for adults, the DOLE Whip Hard Cider Float with ACE Pineapple Craft Cider.

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cjkeatingOct 12, 2023

Seems like some nice new options to strengthen the parks already strong food offerings.

NiarrNDisneyOct 11, 2023

Glad to see more options coming to the 2nd best food park in the Disney bubble.

Wendy PleakleyOct 11, 2023

The stuffed pancake sandwich intrigues me. The meat and tzatziki plates remind me of the old menu at Paradise Garden Grill which was my favourite quick service at DCA at the time.

Figments FriendOct 11, 2023

I am liking the Impossible meatless additions. Always welcome, especially at a place like Animal Kingdom…! 🙂 -

jeanericuser001Oct 11, 2023

Not bad. Not bad. Nothing overly amazing but not bad.

HakunamatataOct 10, 2023

Some construction going on across from Harambe.

Prince-1Oct 10, 2023

Some of the best QS food can be found at AK. These are great additions!

networkproOct 10, 2023

Finally! something thats not tater tots or a fancy hotdog in a stale tortilla. I'll be stocking up on these.