Gideon's Bakehouse at Disney Springs temporarily closed

Jan 02, 2021 in "Gideon's Bakehouse "

Posted: Saturday January 2, 2021 6:46pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The recently opened Gideon's Bakehouse at Disney Springs has abruptly closed this evening, just a week after its opening.

Gideon's made the announcement on its Instagram account, and has not given a reason or when it will reopen. It does however state that the closure is temporary, and that its existing location outside of Walt Disney World remains open.

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Allison Hamff11 days ago

We are going this summer, and Gideon’s is where I want to grab a cookie for dessert. We are trying Boathouse for dinner for the first time and are looking forward to that and a fantastic cookie from Gideon’s as well!

SyracuseDisneyFan13 days ago

Those look so good

AmidalaMay 11, 2021

I've been so obsessed with these, I've been going once a week and buying a bunch to keep for the next few days. Definitely 100% worth IMO. Was hoping to feel the same passion for Everglazed but still prefer Voodoo by a mile.

ELG13May 04, 2021

Arrrgghh! We were there Saturday and the line was only to Morimoto but the baby was grumpy and we couldn't stop 😭😭🤣

NunuJan 23, 2021

There were 2 cookies in the box.

jaklgreenJan 23, 2021

Was there just the one cookie in the box?

NunuJan 23, 2021

I finally got to try a cookie today! Classic Chocolate Chip. I'm not a Cookie Snob/Connoisseur, but I really liked it, fresh, moist and chewy thought so many chips were going to overpower the dough, but you can still taste it.

wdwmagicJan 21, 2021

It is walk-up in person to an employee with an iPad.

Epcotfan21Jan 21, 2021

So for those that have done it, how does one join the virtual queue at Gideon's?

Zé_CariocaJan 21, 2021

I get that. They have non-chip flavors that you might like! No chips on their coffee cake cookie and that one was my favorite!

Walt dJan 20, 2021

They need to put a police station in next door. And they will never Close again!

HakunamatataJan 20, 2021

Until they put oatmeal raisin on the menu, I will pass.

UNCgolfJan 20, 2021

I can just already tell I wouldn't like the cookies because they have WAY too many chocolate chips (or other types of chips for other cookies). I like my cookies to be sparsely scattered with chips as a flavor enhancer, not as the entire flavor. That's obviously personal preference, though, and not any objective indicator of quality.