Barnabas is Back! Unveiling Gideon's Spooktacular Halfway to Halloween Treats

May 06, 2024 in "Gideon's Bakehouse "

Posted: Monday May 6, 2024 3:05pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Today marks the delightful return of Gideon's Bakehouse's Halfway to Halloween celebration. With it, the eccentric Barnabas Mephistophelittle has once again emerged to sprinkle a little spookiness into springtime at Disney Springs.

For those unfamiliar, Barnabas Mephistophelittle is a character steeped in the lore of Gideon's, known for his yearly tradition of bringing a mix of dreadfully good treats and a pinch of playful tricks. This limited-time event, from May 6th to May 8th, promises unique offerings for cookie fans and collectors.

What's in Barnabas's Bag?

First up, let's talk about the "Barnabas Hand Pies," which might just be one of the most ambitious desserts Gideon's has concocted. These hand pies meld the flakiness of pastry with the chewiness of chocolate chip cookie dough, all generously lined with dulce de leche. Gideon's pro tip? Pop these pies into an air fryer for three minutes.

Then there's the "Frankenstein Cookie," a mash-up of everyone's favorite candies, including crushed Oreo Double Stuff and chocolate pieces, all held together in a monstrous cookie topped with strategically placed M&M's. It's a fan favorite for a reason, combining creativity with a touch of Halloween flair—even in the heart of spring.

Both cookies are available at Disney Springs and Eastend Market locations while supplies last each day. Limit 2 Per Person.

Collectible Fun

This year's series three trading cards include 16 new cards, with two extra rare chase cards. These are hidden treasures in every medium and large cookie box purchased in-store, as well as in merchandise orders over $20 online.

For the ultra-collectors, the "Barnabas Mephistophelittle Promo Card" is available exclusively during the event. Simply make a purchase in stores or online during Halfway to Halloween. This ultra-rare card is a must-have for enthusiasts, available one per paying customer while supplies last.

Merchandise and More

And of course, no Gideon's event would be complete without a range of themed merchandise. This year's highlights include a new trading card binder, a 24oz Barnabas-themed tumbler, pins, glow-in-the-dark T-shirts, and even a limited edition art print available online. For those who enjoy a bit of DIY, a free Barnabas coloring page is linked in their Instagram Stories.

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MarvelCharacterNerdMay 07, 2024

I both dread and look forward to every month's announcements from Gideon's. It always looks so good and I rarely can get anyone to stand in the stupid long lines just to buy cookies to ship to me. lol