Gardens Kiosk at Disney's Animal Kingdom has a new look and new healthy eating menu

Jun 30, 2015 in "Gardens Kiosk"

Posted: Tuesday June 30, 2015 1:28pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Gardens Kiosk on Discovery Island at Disney's Animal Kingdom has a new look and new menu.

Following today's reopening of the Flame Tree Barbecue, the Gardens Kiosk no longer the temporary home of the Flame Tree Barbecue menu, and instead features a couple of interesting salads and beverages.

First up is a Trek Power Salad, with Quinoa, beets, edamame, citrus, followed by a Farmer's Salad, with blueberries, goat cheese, and candied pecans. Beverages include Chilled Green Tea and Cucumber Mint Pomegranate Lemonade.

Everything is priced $5.49 or under and is on the Disney Dining Plan.

The kiosk also features a new look, with much darker earthy tones, in place of the previous bright color scheme which is now being phased across the whole of Discovery Island.

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Jon81ukJul 01, 2015

This kiosk never offered gluten free items, that was the Discovery Kiosk opposite creature comforts. There are three kiosks on Discovery Island. Discovery Kiosk (opposite Starbucks) - allergy treats Gardens Kiosk (opposite tough to be a bug) - salads Beastly Kiosk (near bridge to Asia) - baked pasta These are on the park map There are also two kiosks in Asia, Bradley Falls and Mr Kamels offering vegetarian and Indian foods. So despite HArambe Market being 100% carnivore, there are plenty of vege options in DAK and the allergy kiosk hasn't moved :-)

MansionButler84Jul 01, 2015

While I also love the Safari Village look, those bright colors are very 1990s. Can they get the muted colors over the the garish Dino-Rama next? would also work.

MarkTwainJul 01, 2015

Hmmm... It seems like they're slowly stripping Discovery Island of its character. I always liked that Discovery Island is a little more "abstract." The other lands have more muted buildings because they're true to specific places. Discovery Island isn't based on anything, and showcases that fact with its bright colors. I also thought the colors helped support the idea that the island is a celebration of life/animals in general. To each their own I suppose.

hockeyfranJul 01, 2015

Does anyone know if this stand still offers gluten free menu items? I didn't see it on the menu picture.

MansionButler84Jul 01, 2015

DHS was pretty serene for us in January. It was us and ~3 other people all day.

Timothy_QJul 01, 2015

I love the new color scheme Discovery Island is getting. Much more sophisticated, like the rest of AK.

matt9112Jul 01, 2015

Plus in the real world stuff is rarely that bright. I feel the same way about old Fantasyland too bright and cheesy like a coloring book. But I want to feel like I'm in a real story. Not some fake place that isn't real.

jt04Jul 01, 2015

Earth tones evoke a sense of serenity. Which helps set DAK apart from other theme parks, IMO.

matt9112Jul 01, 2015

Doubt it...the new color scheme is a more realstic and dramatic tone than the older carnival like colors. These dark earthy tones bring out a better view of age and condition and further build the story of discovery island.

SpaceMountain77Jul 01, 2015

Overall, I have been incredibly impressed with the new offerings and reimagined areas of DAK. To me, both the content and theming is creating a cohesive storyline. The bright, neon colors are widely used in zoos and aquariums, like Sea World San Diego and San Diego Zoo. The muted greens truly evoke feelings of being in a conservatory or preserve. I am hoping this cohesion continues!

BrightImagineJul 01, 2015

The Harambe Market opened with not a single vegetarian item, so it's good to have some new options in another location.

beeJun 30, 2015

Ooooh DW and I might have to try this. It's nice to find light vegetarian options for hot park days.

DisneyDebRobJun 30, 2015

I was always a fan of the bright colors. These earth tones look nice also, just got to get used to it I guess. They are really going for different food items here. Even if it's not my taste, I love that they expand the menu all throughout AK.

jakemanJun 30, 2015

To paraphrase Ron Swanson: There's a lot of food that my food eats on that menu.