A look at the Flying Fish Cafe breakfast menu opening tomorrow

Sep 30, 2014 in "Flying Fish"

Posted: Tuesday September 30, 2014 12:54pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

With today's closure of Kouzzina by Cat Cora at the BoardWalk, the Flying Fish Cafe will be offering breakfast for a limited time.

Breakfast service will be available from 7:30am to 11am, October 1 to December 7 2014, with reservations available. Once Trattoria al Forno opens, which will be the replacement for Kouzzina, the Flying Fish will return to dinner service only.

Here is a look at the breakfast menu.

Flying Fish Breakfast Menu

Great Beginnings

Seasonal Fruit Bowl 8.99

Granola Yogurt Parfait with Berries 8.99 Vanilla-Blueberry Steel Cut Oatmeal with Maple Syrup 6.99


American - Two Eggs-Any Style with Breakfast Potatoes and choice of Bacon or Chicken Sausage 12.49

Frittata with Roasted Red Peppers, Prosciutto, Onions, Potatoes and Pecorino Romano Cheese topped with Arugula 11.99

Tomato, Basil, and fresh Mozzarella Scrambled Eggs served with Breakfast Potatoes with choice of Bacon or Chicken Sausage 12.99

Waffle with whipped Tiramisù Mascarpone, Cocoa Powder and choice of Bacon or Chicken Sausage 10.99

Soft Polenta with Fennel Sausage, Poached Eggs, Parmesan and Tomato Gravy 12.49

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sxeensweetSep 30, 2014

They are replacing Kouzina and they will offer breakfast. I forget the name of it but it is in the news article about Flying Fish breakfast at the start of this thread. Flying Fish will go back to only dinner when the new restaurant opens.:)

harrykSep 30, 2014

I can't imagine that it would be more than one point. There is no entertainment or 'characters'.

pobutreSep 30, 2014

We always eat breakfast at Fresh over in the Dolphin when staying at the BW or BC. You never need a reservation and the food is good. With no need for a reservation we can just decide each day whether we are hungry enough for full breakfast or just a coffee/bagel. They have a buffet and a full breakfast menu. On the buffet, they will make you Omelets, waffles, pancakes while you wait. It's more of the convention/business crowd, so a nice peaceful spot to start the day with no characters. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/dolphin-hotel/fresh-mediterranean-market/menus/breakfast/

JCtheparrotheadSep 30, 2014

Is this 1 or 2 credits from the dining plan?

wdwmagicSep 30, 2014

A look at the Flying Fish Cafe breakfast menu opening tomorrow

ABQJul 08, 2014

I still don't see either a full menu, or when trying to book in mid November, you cannot select times any earlier than dinner.

LucyKJul 07, 2014

Have we got the full menu for it yet?

The Incredible SchmulkJul 07, 2014

This is all true, but it's possible to do a fine dining breakfast experience and make it profitable. The problem with the plan that makes it a reality in Disney is that the menu needs to be more of a brunch-style, which would focus on a heavier meal that takes longer to prepare (to justify a higher cost) in an environment where most people want a quick meal so that they can get on with their day. Combine that with the need for a fast turnover rate on the tables in order to make up for the still smaller profitability margin and you get a kitchen and wait staff that is pushed the to brink of exhaustion and a clientele that might just resent feeling rushed by the frenzied pace. This is why most places that do a brunch only do it once a week on a day when they can maximize their occupancy. There's big money to be had, but it takes a ton of planning and prep work in order to keep the machine running smoothly. I would love to see a fantastic breakfast spot in place of Kouzzina, but I'm not counting on it for the reasons you outlined. It'll be sad to lose another sit-down option in the morning where I don't have to feel like an animal at a trough or avoid a rush of screaming children swarming a poor kid in a plush suit. I do think it's possible, though, for a few of the more popular signature or higher-end casual spots on property to do a once-a-week brunch menu and have it be successful. I would most definitely be on board for that.

harrykJul 07, 2014

Great - this beats just a bagle in the morning. Had I still had youngsters in the household - a full breakfast would be a must. Protein in the morning is a must - and not just for children.

BareNecessitiesJul 07, 2014

Ok thanks. I wanna say that they should replace Kouzzina with a restaurant that has a great breakfast, but the boardwalk has a pretty good nightlife so I tend to sleep-in past breakfast anyway.

coachwnhJul 07, 2014

Can't remember exactly, but it's been a few months. Edit: Disney food blog posted it on march 24

BareNecessitiesJul 07, 2014

I didn't hear about Kouzzina closing, when was this announced?

HRHPrincessArielJul 06, 2014

You let me know and I'll let you know ;-)

PrincessNelly_NJJul 06, 2014

I think they haven't loaded breakfast reservations into the system yet, because the menu isn't even available to look at.