Marquee goes up at new fast-casual Indian restaurant 'eet' at Disney Springs

12 days ago in "EET by Maneet Chauhan"

'eet' exterior
Posted: Monday November 20, 2023 10:35am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The finishing touches are being installed at 'eet by Maneet Chauhan,' a new fast-casual restaurant opening at Disney Springs in the coming weeks.

The restaurant's marquee sign is now in position above the entrance, along with the menu board

Maneet Chauhan, an acclaimed James Beard Award-winning chef and Food Network star, is working with Vivek Deora, an international hospitality entrepreneur, to bring their famed Indian cuisine to Walt Disney World.

'eet' is located in the Marketplace, in the former Wolfgang Puck Express location.

Learn more about the menu at 'eet.'

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EricsBiscuit3 hours ago

The roasted chicken with mashed potatoes was incredible! For some reason their sugar cookies were also sublime

shipley7314 hours ago

I fear you may be right. When Disney opens a restaurant that’s not really tailored for the typical American palate, it tends to get dumbed down pretty quickly. I’ve eaten at Maneet Chauhan’s Ale & Masala House in Nashville &it was spectacular. The menu for Eet has a few of her signatures on the menu with some other Indian dishes geared towards folks that aren’t that adventurous. I hope this catches on.

Tommye10789 hours ago

I hope it does. Lots of blood, sweat and tears in this project!

Brian12 hours ago

I suspect this one won't last long at Disney Springs.

DCBaker13 hours ago

The grand opening for eet by Maneet Chauhan is set for December 4, 2023.

DCBaker1 day ago

Chef Maneet has shared a video sneak peek at the inside of eet on her Instagram stories. While Disney has not yet confirmed an opening date, it sounds like the restaurant is expected to open December 4. See the video in her stories at this link.

Tommye107812 days ago

Cannot wait to get this place open. I think the flavors will speak for themselves.

Epcot82Guy12 days ago

This actually looks decent. The dishes (on paper) are a little more pedestrian than I was hoping for given the price. But, (1) that can be deceiving, and (2) I get the Disney audience/price point. I'm hopeful this will be a nice, unique addition.

Sirwalterraleigh12 days ago

…ugh…that’s what WPE is being replaced with? Travesty

JohnD12 days ago

You get that with Yak and Yeti in AK. Both counter and table service.

wdwmagic13 days ago

Looks good

DCBaker13 days ago

The eet by Maneet Chauhan marquee is up.

Bocabear24 days ago

I never used a meal plan, but the old Wolfgang Puck was a great place to go for a quick meal...I miss it!!

PrinceCharming61724 days ago

Awwww man! I miss Wolfgang Puck, it was the best use of a quick service dining credit.