New fast-casual Indian restaurant 'eet' to open December 4 at Disney Springs

Dec 02, 2023 in "EET by Maneet Chauhan"

'eet' exterior
Posted: Saturday December 2, 2023 1:30pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new fast-casual Indian restaurant 'eet' by celebrity Chef Maneet Chauhan will officially open on December 4, 2023 at Walt Disney World's Disney Springs.

Chauhan and her husband Vivek Deora are an award-winning hospitality duo looking to bring their family's culture and traditions to Walt Disney World.

Menu items include shareable dishes for everyone at the table, like the eet Bread Service with Pimento Whipped Paneer or the Tandoori Chicken Poutine. You can also order salads or build your own bowl filled with rice and a kebab. Everything on the menu, which you can see below, is priced below $20, and you can also find seasonal specialty boozy slushes for $12.

End your meal on a sweet note when you choose a dessert like the Chocolate and Strawberry Naan or the Gulab Jamun Cheesecake.

'eet' takes over the former Wolfgang Puck Express location in the Marketplace at Disney Springs.

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JohnDDec 06, 2023

"Curried." I see what you did there.

mktDec 06, 2023

We went tonight, it was extremely enjoyable. It definitely curried my favor

JohnDDec 05, 2023

My scheduled DS day is 12/17. I'm blocked out with Pixie Dust pass and going to MVMCP that evening. I think I'll give them a try.

Jambo DadDec 05, 2023

Looks tasty! Hope it gets the support it needs.

Epcot82GuyDec 04, 2023

I'm interested in trying it. I love Indian and Indian fusion. It will be interesting to see how it does, especially in that location. And I'm a bit underwhelmed by the interior update. It feels a bit like a pop up, at least in pics. It will be interesting to see it in person.

PrinceCharming617Dec 03, 2023

Yeah, I used to get the Brownie. It was awesome! The treat came in a clear wrapper and I usually ate it right away. It always tasted so fresh.

EricsBiscuitDec 03, 2023

The roasted chicken with mashed potatoes was incredible! For some reason their sugar cookies were also sublime

shipley731Dec 03, 2023

I fear you may be right. When Disney opens a restaurant that’s not really tailored for the typical American palate, it tends to get dumbed down pretty quickly. I’ve eaten at Maneet Chauhan’s Ale & Masala House in Nashville &it was spectacular. The menu for Eet has a few of her signatures on the menu with some other Indian dishes geared towards folks that aren’t that adventurous. I hope this catches on.

Tommye1078Dec 02, 2023

I hope it does. Lots of blood, sweat and tears in this project!

BrianDec 02, 2023

I suspect this one won't last long at Disney Springs.

DCBakerDec 02, 2023

The grand opening for eet by Maneet Chauhan is set for December 4, 2023.

DCBakerDec 01, 2023

Chef Maneet has shared a video sneak peek at the inside of eet on her Instagram stories. While Disney has not yet confirmed an opening date, it sounds like the restaurant is expected to open December 4. See the video in her stories at this link.

Tommye1078Nov 20, 2023

Cannot wait to get this place open. I think the flavors will speak for themselves.