PHOTOS - Limited-time holiday offerings at Earl of Sandwich Disney Springs

Nov 03, 2018 in "Earl of Sandwich"

Earl of Sandwich limited time holiday offerings 2018
Posted: Saturday November 3, 2018 10:09am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Fans of Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs will be happy to hear that the legendary Holiday Sandwich will be joined by an all new Holiday Ham Sandwich for this holiday season.

The Holiday Sandwich has long been a Disney Springs favorite, priced at $7.49, it features warm house-made bread, sliced turkey, cornbread stuffing, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce and mayonnaise.

The new Holiday Ham Sandwich switches the turkey for ham, and on top is some warm-melted cheese. We had an early preview of the sandwich before it goes on sale on Monday, and this is one you'll definitely want to try!

To round-out the holiday offerings at Early of Sandwich, there is the Peppermint Brownie - a soft gooey brownie with a sprinkling of peppermint candy on the top.

The Earl of Sandwich is located in the Disney Springs Marketplace, just across from Disney Days of Christmas. Passholders can get a 10% discounts and the Disney Dining Plan is accepted.

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John park hopperNov 05, 2018

Seems like a reasonable price for Disney

Walt dNov 04, 2018

What” no mickey 90th sandwich Oh”

Tony the TiggerNov 04, 2018

There was a similar sandwich at one of the booths at the arts festival a couple of years ago. Loved it.

MissingDisneyNov 04, 2018

According to the article, $7.49.

John park hopperNov 04, 2018

Looks good---- what are the prices?