PHOTOS - D-Luxe Burger construction at Disney Springs

Mar 23, 2016 in "D-Luxe Burger"

D-Luxe Burger construction
Posted: Wednesday March 23, 2016 1:51pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

We took a first look at the D-Luxe Burger food yesterday, and today we have an update on the latest construction progress at the restaurant.

D-Luxe Burger is located in the new Town Center, alongside The Springs, across from Morimoto Asia.

Signage is already in place, and workers can be seen on the patio overlooking the water.

D-Luxe Burger opens in May 2016. Owned and operated by Disney, D-Luxe Burger will offer gourmet burgers, gelato milkshakes and macarons with seating both indoors and outdoors, with views of The Springs.

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s8film40Feb 05, 2017

I tried this place recently. I'm usually pretty easy going and don't often have many complaints when it comes to food. I ordered the burger they suggested that it comes cooked medium and asked if that was okay. If I'm somewhere new I usually will go with recommendations from the staff. I realized after getting the burger that the quality of the meat was really far too low to be cooking it that way it seemed to have a much higher fat content than even a typical quick service burger. The result was that the bottom bun of my burger was completely brown and soggy with oil from the meat. It pretty much disintegrated as I tried to pick it up. It was just a huge mess and the burger itself tasted as though it was a little less fresh than most fast food burgers. I'm not opposed to eventually giving it a second chance but their burger definitely needs to be ordered well done to allow all that extra oil to cook off.

DisneyJayLFeb 05, 2017

Totally agree. Didn't get to sit down when we went but the food was great! Didn't know about the discount though.

Jones14Feb 05, 2017

We're late to the party, but we ate here for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed it. The pricing's comparable to the theme park quick service prices, but the food is much better. That's not to say the pricing is amazing, but I'd say D-Luxe is actually worth what they charge, as opposed to Backlot Express, Electric Umbrella, and Cosmic Ray's. There's a 20% AP discount, too. (Side note: the small fries are big enough to split between two people.)

livan126Aug 26, 2016

I've never eaten cardboard, so I can't answer that.

ford91exploderAug 26, 2016

Then why do they look and taste like cardboard ???

JohnWDAug 26, 2016

And if they came down $2, I'm sure someone will say they should come down $2 more! (Like me? ;)) I just think it's really nice that there is a great variety of places with a range of prices. I really like the street food and their prices too.

djkidkazAug 26, 2016

The burgers here are great but I find it to be a little too pricey. Especially with Blaze Pizza right across from it. The prices on everything need to come down by at least $2.

BaconAug 25, 2016

D-LUXE Sucks :hungover:

DisneyDreamer08Aug 25, 2016

Perfect thanks! Could be a good choice for us :)

Jon81ukAug 25, 2016

The burgers are not combo meals, so the entree is burger only. You can have fries or the macaron for "dessert" or some of the floats are also snack credits so can be the dessert element.

DisneyDreamer08Aug 25, 2016

Does anyone know how the QS dining plan works here? What is included?

71jasonJun 03, 2016

This. Regular height barstools (not particularly comfortable ones at that) at a child-height bar. My knees were higher than my food.

Texas84Jun 03, 2016

You can see those tractor chairs on the left next to a wooden shelf. Fun to look at but they are too high and the shelf is too low. And they hurt! :) This was the only option on my trip. Even outside was full.

disney4life2008Jun 03, 2016

YES!!!! I am more comfortable in those seats and I appreciate the toppings bar. My problem is that what most people find appealing I do not. I am very simple.