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May 17, 2016 in "D-Luxe Burger"

D-Luxe Burger overview
Posted: Tuesday May 17, 2016 4:04pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney’s latest restaurant opened this past weekend at Disney Springs in the brand new Town Center district, promising to bring a new high quality quick service eatery to the area.

Located beside the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Spring, D-Luxe Burger is a Disney owned and operated restaurant aimed at satisfying everyone’s appetite for the perfect burger.

The story behind much of Disney Springs tells how old buildings have been repurposed, and D-Luxe Burger is one of the best examples. An old farm house, the converted building is visually interesting on both the outside, and especially the inside.

Stepping inside you can’t help but be taken in by the detail and beautiful aesthetics. It looks and feels old, but exudes an upscale feel with its fittings and fixtures. So many restaurants attempt to do what Imagineering has done here, and fail miserably. Disney’s theme park experience shines through however, creating a truly impressive space.

The restaurant is split into four main areas. The front dining room and ordering area, order pickup and condiments, a secondary dining room at the rear, and a large water-side outdoor dining area.

The queue to order follows the far left wall of the restaurant, leading to a two station register. Similar to Earl of Sandwich, a pager is given to each group, with a separate pickup window around the corner.

The front dining room features a variety of different seating configurations, with booths and tables, all with a high quality feel. Something to note however, is that the front dining room becomes crowded, due to the line waiting to order, and people picking up orders and condiments. Depending on when you visit, this may not be the place to sit.

The condiments area offers soda fountain machines for soft drinks and water, along with the mayo, ketchup and mustard dispensers. 

There is also a limited amount of counter bar seating in this area.

Passing through the hallway leads to the second dining room, and perhaps the best place to sit if you are looking to be inside.

Like the front dining room, you will find a wide variety of seating, from leather-like booths and tables for two, to larger tables seating eight.

Artwork on the walls shows the farm in its former life, and exposed ceiling beams and brick walls reinforce the converted feeling of the restaurant.

Being away from the entrance area, this dining room is calm and relaxed, and is our pick for indoor seating at D-Luxe Burger.

An interesting addition that we haven’t seen at a restaurant before is the inclusion of 110v outlets and USB chargers at each of the booths and bars. Useful if you need a quick recharge as you eat.

Moving outside, there are approximately 14 tables, with seating for 4 guests. The area is covered, and equipped with heaters for cooler weather.

The view is especially good, looking out to the central Spring and The Landing.

Like the inside dining rooms, the quality of fittings and fixtures is high. From the floor, to ceiling, to tables, chairs and lighting, everything looks premium.

With the impressive look that eclipses many table service restaurants, it is surprising that this is actually a quick service restaurant. 

The Food at D-Luxe Burger

It is all well and good delivering a beautiful restaurant, but the food has to live up to the same standard and we are happy to report it does just that.

D-Luxe Burger easily has the best quick service burger on Walt Disney World property and quite possibly the best at Walt Disney World period.

Forget the dry, frozen hockey-puck patties that you get in the theme parks. The burgers here use a blend of brisket, chuck and short rib, with some in-house seasoning to deliver a moist, flavorful signature blend patty.

There are four different patties to choose from, the Signature blend, which makes up most of the burgers, a Chorizo Signature blend, a ground chicken patty, and finally a veggie option.

The menu offers six burgers using those patties, starting in price from $9.99 for the Classic Cheeseburger, up to $12.99 for the Southern Classic Burger.

The options are tailored to fit popular burger tastes. Starting with a basic Cheeseburger, topped with just cheddar, lettuce, tomato and pickle.

A Barbecue Classic Burger is topped with a fried onion ring, smoked gouda, bacon, barbecue sauce and lettuce.

The El Diablo Burger is Chorizo-and-Signature Blend Patty, Fried Banana Peppers, Pepper Jack Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, and Chipotle Mayonnaise.

The Southern Classic Burger has a Fried Green Tomato, Pimento Cheese, Lettuce, and Bacon.A chicken option, the Cluck Burger, takes a chicken patty and adds Garlic Herb Sauce, Avocado, Lettuce, and Tomato.

As a meatless option, the Veggie Burger is topped with Tzatziki, Green Bean Salad, Lettuce, and Tomato .

It isn’t a burger without fries, and there are two options, small and large. The fries are hand-cut in house, and are not your run-of-the-mill frozen theme park french fries. They are skin-on, with a satisfying crunch on the outside and smooth potato center. 

Fries are not included with a burger, and are ordered separately with a choice of size, small or large. Special dipping sauces are also available with the fries, including Three Mustard and Honey, Garlic Ranch, Curry Ketchup, Chipotle Mayo, Horseradish, and Buffalo Blue Cheese.

The small size is a good individual option, with the large being enough for 2 or 3 people.

Our measure of a good burger starts with the patty. It has to be great on its own, and not hiding behind a stack of toppings. D-Luxe Burger achieves that, and the toppings are not over-powering and instead compliment the patty while letting you still taste the meat.

The bun is made in house daily, and is toasted top and bottom.

The lettuce and toppings are precisely laid out, with the burger presented in a branded D-Luxe Burger box.

The packaging for the food deserves a special mention. Everything is delivered in a nicely branded D-Luxe brown paper bag, which continues inside to each burger and fries order in a similarly branded box. Ideal for a take-out or eat in, and at the end of the meal it makes clean-up extra easy. No flimsy paper plates and plastic trays to be seen. The theme parks could learn a thing or two from this.

Our favorite burger was the Southern Classic Burger. With the great Signature Blend patty and an interesting mix of toppings, it offered something a bit different, without being too far out there to become something other than a classic burger. A side of fries is a must-do.

Although the place is all about the burgers, there is also an extensive range of shakes and floats on offer. Priced at $7 for non-alcolohic, and $14 for alcoholic shakes, they all use gelato as their base, making for an extra smooth and creamy texture.

You can also find a variety of draft beer, cider, and even wine.

D-Luxe Burger menu.

The Verdict

We went in with high expectations, but were pleasantly surprised to have them exceeded. From the high quality interior that is at, or even above many table service restaurants, to the burgers that are made with care and attention - D-Luxe Burgers offers some real Disney dining value.

Some may look at the price, and compare it to their local Five Guys or equivalent. Yes D-Luxe Burger costs a few dollars more, but when you consider the location, the quality of the dining room and food, it is clear that Disney is offering a better overall experience.

One of the goals of the redevelopment of Downtown Disney into Disney Springs was to meet the demand for more dining options, and D-Luxe Burger is a huge boost to the quick service options at the property.

Disney doesn’t operate many eateries at Disney Springs, but they seem to be saving them for when they feel they can do something special, and this is one of those. D-Luxe Burger needs to be in your plans for your next trip to Disney Springs.

D-Luxe Burger is open daily from 11am to 11pm, and is on the Disney Dining Plan.

Like all WDWMAGIC dining reviews, all food was paid for by the reviewers and was not part of any promotional visit.

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s8film40Feb 05, 2017

I tried this place recently. I'm usually pretty easy going and don't often have many complaints when it comes to food. I ordered the burger they suggested that it comes cooked medium and asked if that was okay. If I'm somewhere new I usually will go with recommendations from the staff. I realized after getting the burger that the quality of the meat was really far too low to be cooking it that way it seemed to have a much higher fat content than even a typical quick service burger. The result was that the bottom bun of my burger was completely brown and soggy with oil from the meat. It pretty much disintegrated as I tried to pick it up. It was just a huge mess and the burger itself tasted as though it was a little less fresh than most fast food burgers. I'm not opposed to eventually giving it a second chance but their burger definitely needs to be ordered well done to allow all that extra oil to cook off.

DisneyJayLFeb 05, 2017

Totally agree. Didn't get to sit down when we went but the food was great! Didn't know about the discount though.

Jones14Feb 05, 2017

We're late to the party, but we ate here for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed it. The pricing's comparable to the theme park quick service prices, but the food is much better. That's not to say the pricing is amazing, but I'd say D-Luxe is actually worth what they charge, as opposed to Backlot Express, Electric Umbrella, and Cosmic Ray's. There's a 20% AP discount, too. (Side note: the small fries are big enough to split between two people.)

livan126Aug 26, 2016

I've never eaten cardboard, so I can't answer that.

ford91exploderAug 26, 2016

Then why do they look and taste like cardboard ???

JohnWDAug 26, 2016

And if they came down $2, I'm sure someone will say they should come down $2 more! (Like me? ;)) I just think it's really nice that there is a great variety of places with a range of prices. I really like the street food and their prices too.

djkidkazAug 26, 2016

The burgers here are great but I find it to be a little too pricey. Especially with Blaze Pizza right across from it. The prices on everything need to come down by at least $2.

BaconAug 25, 2016

D-LUXE Sucks :hungover:

DisneyDreamer08Aug 25, 2016

Perfect thanks! Could be a good choice for us :)

Jon81ukAug 25, 2016

The burgers are not combo meals, so the entree is burger only. You can have fries or the macaron for "dessert" or some of the floats are also snack credits so can be the dessert element.

DisneyDreamer08Aug 25, 2016

Does anyone know how the QS dining plan works here? What is included?

71jasonJun 03, 2016

This. Regular height barstools (not particularly comfortable ones at that) at a child-height bar. My knees were higher than my food.

Texas84Jun 03, 2016

You can see those tractor chairs on the left next to a wooden shelf. Fun to look at but they are too high and the shelf is too low. And they hurt! :) This was the only option on my trip. Even outside was full.

disney4life2008Jun 03, 2016

YES!!!! I am more comfortable in those seats and I appreciate the toppings bar. My problem is that what most people find appealing I do not. I am very simple.