First look at the new Choza de Margarita menu opening soon in Epcot's Mexico Pavilion

Nov 01, 2017 in "Choza de Margarita"

Choza de Margarita food and drink
Posted: Wednesday November 1, 2017 1:26pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today shared new information about its upcoming Choza de Margarita kiosk, opening soon in Epcot's Mexico Pavilion.

Originally announced back in January 2017 as Choza Tequila, it has now switched to Choza de Margarita, serving authentic Mexican beverages and street fare.

The menu offers three hand-crafted margaritas, three frozen margaritas, three Mexican beers and a non-alcoholic Mexican fruit punch with orange, pineapple and grapefruit juices and a splash of grenadine.

Frozen margaritas: Lime (tequila blanco, lime sweet & sour, orange liquor and agave nectar), Wild Strawberry (tequila blanco, strawberry and prickly pear puree, violet flower liquor and lime juice), or Passion Mango (tequila blanco, orange liqueur, wild passion fruit and mango puree).

On-the-rocks varieties include Acan Grapefruit (Casa Noble Blanco Tequila, grapefruit liqueur, elderflower cordial, lemon juice, cardamom bitters and ginger beer), Lime Cucumber (Avión Blanco Tequila, fresh cucumber, orange liqueur, lime juice and agave nectar), and Guava Pink Peppercorn (Zignum Mexcal Reposado, guava nectar, grapefruit liqueur, lime juice, Peychaud’s Bitters and pink peppercorns).

Small bites include Tacos al Pastor with grilled pork on fresh homemade corn tortillas with green tomatillo sauce, onion, pineapple and cilantro; Empanadas de Barbacoa with beef, topped with chipotle sauce, Mexican cream and queso fresco; and fresh guacamole with mango chutney, pumpkin and pomegranate seeds, served with fried flour chicharrones and salsa Valentina, an authentic Mexican hot sauce.

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MicebergNov 28, 2017

No Avocado Margarita? :grumpy:

Princess LeiaNov 28, 2017

Went there this afternoon and ordered the lime cucumber margarita and the tacos. My friend ordered the fiesta frozen margarita. We both enjoyed our drinks and food.

larryzNov 16, 2017

Any initial perceptions on the drink and food?

disneygeek90Nov 16, 2017

Went last night. Small line to get to the counter around 7pm. Place looks great! I had the grapefruit margarita.

CakeNov 16, 2017

The crowds yesterday and today were 50% less compared to Monday, which was the last night of Food&Wine. Monday night Choza was packed. We went on Tuesday and walked right up to order. Very fun!

ryguyNov 15, 2017

Pacifico beer, nice!

Kylo KenNov 15, 2017

244601 244600 A few pics from Choza from tonight. Not a bad little place especially on a nice fall night like tonight.

castlecake2.0Nov 15, 2017

In world showcase Canada, U.K., Norway, the American Adventure and Germany are fully owned and operated by Disney. The shops and attractions in Mexico, and France are operated by Disney. In China, morocco, Japan, just the attraction/ kidcot are operated by Disney. Italy merchandise is also Disney operated. I think that covers everyone. The food and wine kiosks are mostly Disney except for the countries that have a participating company do their food and beverage (like France and Mexico etc)

dreamfinderNov 15, 2017

Yup, forgot the Patina Group. They also run Morimoto Asia, will run the Edison, and a handful of stuff at DtD DLR.

peter11435Nov 15, 2017

Italy dining is also third party.

dreamfinderNov 15, 2017

In parks it's mostly at Epcot and AK. (Other than the Joffrey's kiosks) AK is Rainforest & Yak&Yeti, both by Landry's. Epcot Morocco is pretty much entirely run by 3rd party, both shopping and dining Mexico all the dining is the Palmas Group (also runs Coronado Springs) Japan shopping is Mitsukoshi China shopping is 3rd party. I thought one or the other was also 3rd party dining, but I can't confirm. France dining is pretty much owned/run by Jerome Bocuse (son of Paul Bocuse, namesake of Monsieur Paul) Lots of/most of Disney Springs is 3rd party.

bhg469Nov 15, 2017

Throw back one for me. I'm still not sure if work is sending me down for spring training next year and that is when I typically invade the parks.

Princess LeiaNov 15, 2017

Huzzah! I will report back with my experience 2 weeks from today (or depending on how much I drink at this place, 2 weeks from tomorrow).

JimWNov 15, 2017

I was apparently blissfully unaware of the breadth of third party ownership across the resort. When it came to the parks, I thought it was limited to the Landry's properties in Animal Kingdom. How naive of me. Do you know if there's a full list published anywhere? My Google searches are coming up mostly empty.