PHOTOS - Work underway on expanding Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs

Jan 07, 2020 in "Chicken Guy!"

Chicken Guy expansion
Posted: Tuesday January 7, 2020 9:34am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs has proven to be a popular choice with guests and it appears to have even exceeded expectations of the restaurant operators.

Work is now underway on expanding the 1800 sq. ft. quick service restaurant into the adjacent Planet Hollywood gift shop. Merchandise has now been moved out of the store, and "Hatching Soon" signage is covering the windows.

Chicken Guy! is a joint venture between Plant Hollywood owner Robert Earl and celebrity chef Guy Fieri, and opened in the summer of 2018.

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UNCgolfJan 23, 2020

I would have had Polite Pig as #1 before this most recent trip, but my food there wasn't quite as good this time (still very good overall though). It was also my first time having Pizza Ponte and their Sicilian style pizza was wonderful -- the crust was perfect. I actually went back there the night I had Chicken Guy just to get another slice of the four cheese.

peter11435Jan 23, 2020

Interestingly I would rank them polite pig, chicken guy, pizza ponte, D-luxe burger.

UNCgolfJan 23, 2020

I was just teasing. I definitely disagree though -- I had Polite Pig, Pizza Ponte, Chicken Guy, and D-Luxe Burger all last week and Chicken Guy brought up the rear among those four just in Disney Springs quick service rankings. Polite Pig and Pizza Ponte are both light years ahead of Chicken Guy (Pizza Ponte is the best overall). I personally liked D-Luxe Burger a bit more as well, but it wasn't significantly better and probably a wash with Chicken Guy overall when you factor in the price difference.

LilofanJan 23, 2020

It's not quick service style but you can ask for in a to go box, Prime Time Cafe fried chicken at DHS. Really good and you grab a park bench by Echo Lake and people watch. You could also watch the 3pm parade but no longer.

peter11435Jan 23, 2020

Actually I have. Some of the best you can get. I never said chicken guy was the best fried chicken in the world. But it is some of the best quick service food you can get at Walt Disney World.

UNCgolfJan 23, 2020

Chicken tenders are literally fried chicken. Seriously though, my point is that the breading/seasoning on them is nothing special. It's certainly not bad, but I'd much rather eat at Pizza Ponte or Polite Pig if I'm doing quick service at Disney Springs. I don't think D-Luxe Burger is all that great, but it's better than Chicken Guy too. I wouldn't discourage people from eating there or anything; I just wouldn't direct people to it either.

Mike730Jan 23, 2020

Chicken Guy has chicken tenders. Not really the same as "Fried Chicken".

UNCgolfJan 19, 2020

You've never had good fried chicken, then!

peter11435Jan 19, 2020

Disagree with every sentence in this post.

UNCgolfJan 18, 2020

Chicken Guy! is not great. It's not bad, but from what I could tell it exists just to sell you sauces. The chicken by itself is fine, but it basically needs dipping sauce to be good, which isn't a sign of quality. Good fried chicken doesn't need sauce.

UNCgolfJan 18, 2020

Pizza Ponte is also excellent. I don't understand how Blaze can stay in business when Pizza Ponte is right there and MUCH better. It's not that Blaze is bad... it's just average. I can get it anywhere. Pizza Ponte's Sicilian style pizza is so good that I actually went and got a slice one night after eating dinner somewhere else because I was craving it.

Smiley/OCDJan 09, 2020

That was a little before my time...

BromBonesJan 09, 2020

It's a lot of fun and it saves us a ton of money. And this way we aren't beholden to Disney as they inordinately raise food prices, drink prices, and do silly things like ban straws and other plastics. And when you eat off reservation you can get unlimited refills on your drinks. Maybe, If we don't feel like driving we eat at the hotel quick service...but usually we get a much better meal NOT eating on Disney property and it's right outside the gate.

peter11435Jan 09, 2020

Sounds fun