Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs opens its newly expanded indoor seating area

Aug 05, 2022 in "Chicken Guy!"

Chicken Guy dining room expansion completed
Posted: Friday August 5, 2022 9:06am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Chicken Guy! has been a hit with Disney springs guests looking for a quick bite at a reasonable price, which has often meant long waits and outdoor seating as the only option.

Two years after its 2018 opening, work began expanding the restaurant with more than twice the amount of indoor seating. The ground-level Planet Hollywood store was closed, allowing Chicken Guy! to expand into the adjacent space.

The pandemic shutdown delayed the project's opening, but work has finally wrapped up this past week, and the restaurant's new indoor seating has opened to guests.

The new dining room is accessed via the original seating area, and includes drink machines and bathrooms.

Seating is available in different configurations, including high-tops and tables. Power outlets and USB points can be found at the bar seating along the window.

The new seating area should help reduce the long lines and give diners a better chance of finding a table indoors, which is especially important during the hot and rainy summer season.

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SoFloMagicNov 07, 2022

I don't think of polite pig as quick service. It often takes forever and delivers to tables. It's also twice the price of chicken Guy. I've had the same issue with delux. Hideous wait times and 40 bucks for two burgers and some fries. I guess I'd add Earl of sandwich to the list too. Under $10 and fairly quick

UNCgolfNov 06, 2022

That's unfortunate. Every time I've been the food was hot but the last time I was there was almost 3 years ago.

peter11435Nov 06, 2022

if you can get food that’s actually hot. It’s delicious but 3 out of 5 times I’ve eaten there I’ve been served cold food.

UNCgolfNov 06, 2022

Polite Pig and Pizza Ponte are both more expensive, but the quality is also much higher to where I'd call them both better values. I actually thought D-luxe Burger was better than Chicken Guy as well. Not that Chicken Guy is bad -- I'd just choose to go for any of those three before I went to Chicken Guy. Chicken Guy has to be a great option for kids, though, especially since it's pretty cheap. Polite Pig is probably the best QS on Disney property, although it's priced accordingly.

SoFloMagicNov 06, 2022

It's not amazing, but I don't think there's anything that matches it for quality and price

UNCgolfNov 03, 2022

This was my experience too. The chicken was fine but not anything special; I've had better elsewhere. There are much better QS options at Disney Springs. I think people like it for the large sauce selection more than anything else.

mf1972Nov 03, 2022

having finally tried chicken guy, i thought it was just ok. tenders were nice & crispy, but i guess i just expected more after all that i’ve read. wasn’t bad, but wont go out of the way for it.

Gabe1Aug 08, 2022

Chicken Guy has moved into Navy Pier in Chicago. Mixed emotions. Happy to have a touch of Disney in Chicago. Sad the Pier didn’t renew Babba Gumps lease to make room for Chef Art. Babba was always packed.

SteveAZeeAug 07, 2022

If I remember correctly, McDonalds picked those colors so people were less likely to stay and relax at the tables after eating... better turnover. The reds and yellows aren't relaxing.

"El Gran Magnifico"Aug 06, 2022

I like Chicken Guy. But the interior looks like a McDonalds.

david10225Aug 06, 2022

Walked by tonight around 5...not too crowded. Should take down that "Store" sign.

Frankenstein79Aug 05, 2022

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that looks goooood.

DCBakerJul 27, 2022