Chef Mickey's relocating to convention center during upcoming unplanned maintenance

Jun 30, 2017 in "Chef Mickey's Restaurant"

Posted: Friday June 30, 2017 5:11pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Chef Mickey's at Disney's Contemporary Resort will be temporarily relocating from late July.

The unplanned maintenance is expected to begin on July 28 through to August 13 2017. During this time, the character dining buffet will relocate to the convention center at Disney's Contemporary Resort.

Guests with reservations are being contacted to advice of the relocation.

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wdwmagicAug 30, 2017

Chef Mickey's temporary relocation to the convention center is back on for the end of the year

KLinder7Jul 19, 2017

Glad to hear, that is the right thing to do.

Coaster LoverJul 19, 2017

I actually had canceled. I went online over the past few days looking for reservations, but there was nothing any of the days we were there (July 29-Aug 6). The email they sent (that I attached in a post above) indicating that the maintenance had been canceled and that Chef Mickey's would be back in the main area included a phone number to call if you needed help booking reservations. Called that number and a very nice woman was able to offer a variety of reservations for Chef Mickeys at similar times and on similar days to what we had canceled and was super helpful in making sure it didn't interfere with any of our other plans. Long story short, seems they are holding onto some reservations (and not making them available through MDE) so if you did cancel and you want back in, call the number!

drizgirlJul 19, 2017

Literally! :joyfull:

huwar18Jul 19, 2017

We went last year for the first time since I was little. It was still great. I was pleasantly surprised!

fngoofyJul 19, 2017

OR You could go over to the poly and have breakfast where John Lennon signed the paperwork ending the Beatles.

RansomJul 19, 2017

Huh. I wonder if they decided they could do the required maintenance after hours.

tissandtullyJul 19, 2017

Giant mouse infestation.

drizgirlJul 19, 2017

I know things happen, but dang I'd be disappointed if I had cancelled the ADR when I got notice of this.

Disney4familyJul 19, 2017

And the adults who feel like kids when they're there! :joyfull:

huwar18Jul 19, 2017

Did they ever say why they scheduled the maintenance out of nowhere? That's great that they canceled it. It is a great place to take the kids!

Disney4familyJul 19, 2017

We got our email yesterday about this!! I'm so glad we didn't cancel. :)

wdwmagicJul 19, 2017

Chef Mickey's relocation to convention center cancelled

Coaster LoverJul 17, 2017

So, was the maintenance moved or we're they able to find a way to do it during off hours?