Chef Art Smith's Homecomin' reopens June 17 at Disney Springs

Jun 11, 2020 in "Chef Art Smith's Homecomin'"

Posted: Thursday June 11, 2020 8:11am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Chef Art Smith's Homecomin' will reopen June 17 at Disney Springs.

The restaurant has been closed since the COVID-19 shutdown in mid-March, but has been making the most of the downtime to build an extension to its outdoor bar area.

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techgeek26 minutes ago

The footprint has shrunk a little and there’s much less extended queue space, but it still knocks out a few rows of parking. Not sure what they can do about that really, especially in Lime there’s just no space for a checkpoint otherwise.

MisterPenguin2 hours ago


trojanjustin3 hours ago

With temp checks gone, have they found a better way to streamline the security in the garages yet? It was taking up far too many spaces with the layout before.

Bullseye19679 hours ago

The "front porch" live music is back, but not inside yet.

Nick_A10 hours ago

Has live entertainment returned to the performance space inside of House of Blues yet? That and Cirque dumping large groups of people outside who were likely hungry and thirsty was a big driver of places staying open later.

TikibirdLand11 hours ago

Guessing so... No one standing outside of Enzo's saying, "I demand to be served" at 2am... :)

GrandCanyonConcourse18 hours ago

More like demand is down at this time

UNCgolf18 hours ago

I'm usually only there at night. I've eaten QS dinner and then had gelato or something for dessert sometime between 9-10 several times. It's better food than eating anywhere in the parks.

MansionButler8419 hours ago

Still coming.

GimpYancIent19 hours ago

What's up with Cirque Du Soleil? It was an item now the silence is defining.

MansionButler8419 hours ago

Covid only spreads between 11:30 pm and dawn? Interesting.

Disstevefan119 hours ago

Whatever time DS closes is purely a business decision made by Disney. Closing DS early reduces costs for Disney, like so many other cost cutting decisions Disney made in the name of COVID. You do have to wonder, DS is a glorified mall with tenants. I have to imagine in the lease DS must agree to be open some minimum hours, but who knows, perhaps the lease contracts are heavily one sided to Disney because location, location, location..

MansionButler841 day ago

Ever since Pleasure Island closed, I honestly haven’t been there particularly late.