PHOTOS - Casey's Corner to reopen with expanded indoor seating area

Feb 20, 2014 in "Casey's Corner"

Posted: Thursday February 20, 2014 10:54am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Casey's Corner at the Magic Kingdom will reopen later today with a newly expanded indoor seating area.

Both the former wooden bleacher area and movie screen have been removed, and in their place comes a greatly expanded seating area with table and chairs.

The entrance and exit to the shop, and to the outside on the corner of the building remain. From the seating arrangement, it looks as though those who use Casey's as a shortcut walkway may find it more congested than before.

The outdoor seating area is also being expanded, but is not yet open and is currently still behind construction walls.

Click the photo gallery to see more photos from the new indoor Casey's Corner dining room.

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Tom MorrowMar 11, 2014

I wish they hadn't gotten rid of the "bleachers" seats and the screen playing the old baseball cartoons.

MinnieM123Mar 11, 2014

I think the placement of the bushes all along the rear perimeter is a nice touch, and adds interest to the outdoor venue.

jt04Mar 10, 2014

People will be camping out all day. Hope they have a plan for that. Sprinklers?

BwanaBobMar 10, 2014

The comment was just a serious and lighthearted reply to the comment about it being closed a lot. They tested the buffet again this past week. Looking more and more plausible.

jmuboyMar 10, 2014

I would assume they are adding later - no need holding up the opening of the dining patio for railings. There are railings missing near first aid too. Maybe the railings around this renovated area will be installed all at one time.

Goofnut1980Mar 10, 2014

I wonder.. it might be.. The one angle it shows like it is sod with patches/strips of grass... but who knows with these people... lol

WDWLover#1Mar 10, 2014

That's the point. It's supposed to be stood on to create more firework/parade viewing areas. Its just fake I think.

prfctlyximprctMar 10, 2014

It looks great! :)

brihowMar 10, 2014

I was thinking he meant it would be nice to have it open since it's almost always closed (or at least it is when I go). Does anyone know when the last time it was open was? Or if there is a schedule of when it's open?

Fox&HoundMar 10, 2014

Why would they have not jumped on this when Pirates was a hot franchise rather than wait ten years and then make it a full service restaurant??? You could have had your picture taken with Captain Jack Sparrow and be waited on by pirates. A perfect balance to the sometimes overly-princess focus. Seems like a wasted opportunity to do it now...

Goofnut1980Mar 10, 2014

Wait a min! Where are the railings??? Inconsiderate people will walk all over that grass when there is a crowd and it will be ruined in no time. Also, did they add a pathway in front of the seating so no one has to walk between the tables and Casey's?

COProgressFanMar 10, 2014

I'm a bit confused by the OP's comment -- Tortuga Tavern already is a restaurant. But I'm assuming he means sit-down rather than quick serve. I think it could be a bad thing because the test they did during the holidays was for buffet style, all for the low low price of like $45 or something. From the couple of reports I saw (and I know it's just anecdotal ... maybe it was busy the other times) there weren't very many people taking them up on that offer, considering how crazy busy the parks are over Christmas. MK desperately needs more sit down (and even quick serve) options, but I'm not sure $45 buffets are the answer. Back on topic, I think the expanded outdoor seating at Casey's looks great. Looks nicely done, and desperately needed.

wdwmagicMar 10, 2014

PHOTOS - Casey's Corner opens expanded outdoor seating area

SoupBoneMar 07, 2014

Why is this a bad thing? Maybe I'm not reading your post correctly. I would love for some other menu items and options. Pecos Bills needs some healthy competition.